Horse-drawn carriage ride in Cordoba

Cordoba has many traditions, but one of the most popular is to enjoy the beauty of Cordoba. One of the fun and attractive ways to visit the historic center of this city is by taking a horse-drawn carriage ride through the most significant points of the city. This is a unique and unrepeatable experience that you will never regret.

Cordoba is also known as the capital of the horse, since its importance in the equestrian world is significant. It all started when it developed the best breed in the world, the Pura Raza Española horse.

These horseback rides will make you feel like in another era, also these cars pass through places where it is impossible to pass by car, and also during the ride they will tell you legends of the city.

This is not all! You can rent it for different services such as a night walk through the wonderful city. In addition, it has hotel pick up, or wedding service and all kinds of events.

Horse-drawn carriage ride in Cordoba

Where can you take a horse-drawn carriage in Cordoba?

The stops where you can take a horse-drawn carriage are three and are as follows:

  • Street Torrijos in front of the Mosque-Cathedral
  • Campo Santo de los Mártires
  • Glorieta de la Cruz Roja (Red Cross Roundabout)

Prices for horse-drawn carriage rides in Cordoba

The price of the buggy ride in Cordoba is around 45 euros per buggy, with a duration of 45 minutes. It should be noted that this price may vary if when you make this ride is during the key dates of Cordoba, such as the May Crosses, the Festival of the Patios, the Cordoba Fair or the White Night of Flamenco. At Easter and during the fair the price is 60 euros. 

A maximum of 5 people can go in the car.

Horseback riding tours in Córdoba

There are two types of tours, Tour A and Tour B. Both have almost the same duration and go through the most incredible places in Cordoba.

Route A

This tour stands out because it passes through incredible sites such as the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, the wonderful Caliphal baths, the Almodovar gate, the Manolete house, the Cruz Conde palace. It also passes through the Plaza Capuchinos, the Roman Temple Capitulares, the Archaeological Museum, and many more outstanding places of the city. This tour ends at the Mosque-Cathedral, so when the tour ends, you have no excuse not to enter the famous mosque!Route A

Route B

This tour passes through the most significant sites of the city such as the Triumph of San Rafael, the Mosque-Cathedral, the Plaza del Potro, or the beautiful Palacio de Viana. It also passes through the Paseo de la Ribera, the incredible and impressive Roman Bridge, the famous Puerta del Puente, the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos or the Caliph Baths, among other places.

Route B

Main advantages of a horse-drawn carriage ride in Córdoba

A ride around the city of Cordoba in a horse-drawn carriage has several advantages. One of them is to enjoy the city with a unique experience and stroll through the most significant points of the city. In addition, it can make you feel like you are in another era, since the carriage is historic.

Another advantage is that the carriage accesses historical sites that cannot be accessed by other types of transportation such as cars. In addition, you will be able to learn about the different legends or anecdotes of the city, so you will not get bored during the trip.

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