The Best 5 Surfing Beaches in Cadiz

Do you like surfing and you can’t find a beach according to your needs? Worry no more because in this blog you will find the 5 best beaches for surfing in the city of Cadiz.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about the weather, as both in the summer months and if you go at Christmas, this great city is a great choice for the good quality of its beaches. In fact, in Cadiz the rainfall is not very abundant, although for any surf lover it doesn’t really matter, getting into the sea and surfing is an experience that can be done in any situation.

If you are a beginner and are just starting out in the world of surfing, you don’t have to worry either, as there are surf schools to help you progress. Whether you are a beginner or an expert wanting to experience new places where you can improve your technique, in Cadiz you will find the wave you were looking for.

Keep reading this blog to discover these fabulous beaches and see where you can enjoy this fantastic sport of surfing. Also, if you are in Cadiz, don’t miss the opportunity to take our Guided Tour of the Cathedral of Cadiz and the Roman Theatre, with the best guides you can find and who will explain everything in great detail.


El Palmar

For any surf lover the beach of El Palmar is one of those that you have to go to. It is located in Vejer de la Frontera and is one of the best known and most popular beaches.

This beach will appeal to both beginners and experts as it has all the necessary requirements to make it ideal (it is 4 kilometers long). In fact, if you are just starting out in the world of surfing, this beach is the best because its conditions make it possible to surf when in other spots it is almost impossible to get into the water. We recommend that if you are a beginner you go during the summer season, from June to September.

It also has a surf school, surf camps and board and wetsuit rentals, so it has all the necessary facilities to make you feel at ease. In short, it is a beach that is a must for those who like surfing, and even those who don’t like this sport will feel very comfortable.

El Palmar Cádiz


Hierbabuena Beach

Located in Barbate on the Costa de la Luz, Hierbabuena beach is one of the best beaches for surfing. It is true that it is more unknown than El Palmar, but being located in the natural park of La Breña it has a spectacular beauty, making it an ideal place to catch waves if you are an expert, and for beginners perhaps this beach is not the best. On this beach the current can easily take you to the rocks if you don’t know the waves well, so we don’t recommend going to this beach if you are just starting out in surfing.

On this beach you can find one of the best waves in the south if you are lucky. In fact, this wave is known as “The Right of Andalucia”. Any expert surfer will want to catch this wave and have that unique feeling of conquering it.

Playa de La Hierbabuena Cádiz


La Fontanilla

It is located in Conil de la Frontera and is so well known because this is where the trials for the Spanish Surfing Championships are held, so most of the experts of this fabulous sport will know it and go there to practice their techniques. However, don’t worry if you’re a beginner, because it’s also a good option for anyone who likes surfing, just wait for favorable conditions and you’ll be able to enjoy the waves like never before.

La Fontanilla beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Conil, for the quality of its water, sand and services. In fact, if you go with your family it is perfect, because when the tide is high it is perfect for surfing, but often there is also low tide and the youngest members of the family will enjoy it a lot. It is also surrounded by the best restaurants in Conil (La Fontanilla, El Roqueo, Francisco) which are open almost all year round.

Fontanilla Cádiz


Los Caños de Meca

The beach of Los Caños de Meca is located in Barbate, and is magnificent for the great environment that surrounds it, as it preserves its natural beauty practically unaltered thanks to the fact that it has not been exploited urbanistically.

Surfing at this beach is more advisable for medium-high level surfers, as its rocky bottom makes surfing a bit dangerous for beginners. However, if you are adventurous and you are also going to learn with more experienced people, this beach meets the necessary and ideal conditions. Moreover, if you also like scuba diving, this beach is a great place to practice it.

This beach is known for its special characteristics of wind and waves. The easterly wind attracts all surf lovers and this beach has hosted surfing championships on several occasions, which shows that it has great quality.

Los Caños de Meca Cádiz


La Cortadura Beach

Are you looking for an ideal beach to have your first contact with surfing? Are you just starting out in this beautiful sport and don’t know where to go? Cortadura beach is the place for you. Situated at the entrance of Cadiz, next to the walls that protected the city, is this beautiful beach.

This beach is the opposite of dangerous, as there are no stones and only abundant vegetation, which gives it an indescribable beauty. It also has a sandy bottom, gentle waves and generally no currents. All this makes it one of the best beaches in Andalusia to learn how to surf. Moreover, it is really accessible because it is located in the town itself, so you won’t even need transport.

It is a natural beach that has the blue flag and has very fine golden sand, with crystal clear water and medium-cold temperature typical of the Atlantic. It has a length of 3,900 meters (the longest in Cádiz), and an average dry beach width of 60 meters. (excluding the dunes) but depending on the height of the tide it can be much wider. It is an incredible beach that you can’t miss whether you want to surf or just go sunbathing.

Playa de la Cortadura Cádiz


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