The best Activities for Companies in Cadiz

Cadiz, the Tacita de Plata, a mine of history. The oldest city in Europe founded by the Phoenicians, with a sewage network hidden in its subsoil, the Roman Theatre, its popular tapas bars and its famous Carnival.

But Cadiz is not only this, it is its climate, its atmosphere, its people, its beaches and its dream places that make it a city where the possibilities to have fun and share moments will never run out.

Horse Riding Routes Along the Unique Beaches of Cadiz

Imagine riding through natural landscapes with white sand, crystal clear waters and dunes typical of an unspoilt beach. This ride will not leave you indifferent. 

We cannot forget that the sunsets in Cadiz are an unforgettable experience and what better way to enjoy them than with a horseback ride

Undoubtedly, you will be able to disconnect from reality and you and your team will be able to enjoy a film scenery.

For Nature Lovers

What better activity than a bike route through the Marismas de la Algaida y de los Toruños Nature Reserve. Here you will find the most representative environments of the Bay of Cadiz. The variety of ecosystems present in the Park, forming a unique place that will make this experience unforgettable. 

The dunes, natural marshes or the coastal pine forests are some of the privileges that you will be able to contemplate during your route of disconnection through the Park. In addition to ruins such as the Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados salt house

Moreover, all along the route, you will find signposting so that you do not miss anything of this incredible place.

Tapas, A Must

For tapas in Cadiz you simply have to wander through its streets and corners. This experience will introduce you to its gastronomy, its culture and its people. 

To create a good atmosphere and have fun you can’t miss typical tapas from Cádiz such as tortillitas de camarones, chicharrones de Chiclana, Papas aliñás or undoubtedly the pescaíto frito de Cádiz.

The best activities for companies in Cadiz

For The More Daring Ones

We already know the spectacular beaches that Cádiz has, but to enjoy them to the fullest you can’t miss activities such as paddle surfing, canoe rides in the bay of Cádiz, jet skis for speed lovers or snorkelling, an experience that will give you the opportunity to observe the underwater life in its own environment without the need to dive. 

This adventure will put your skills and team communication into practice and you will not be disappointed.

Water activities on the beaches of Cadiz

Whale and Dolphin Watching

A wonderful whale watching experience that will bring out your most tender side, an activity that transports you to another world. 

Route through the Strait of Gibraltar, an area declared a Natural Biosphere Reserve, which will give us the chance to enjoy the fantastic marine activity, the migrations and the observation of pilot whales, dolphins, sperm whales, fin whales and more.

This is the perfect occasion to discover all about them, and to see them jumping and showing off so close to you, always avoiding disturbing them.

Dolphin watching in the Strait of Gibraltar

Cadiz, Its Rich Culture and History

When visiting Cádiz it is essential to take a tour in which to visit places such as its Baroque and neoclassical style Cathedral. It was begun during the golden age of Cádiz, with the aim of making it taller than the Giralda in Seville, and to achieve this they even destroyed houses. But the golden age ceased to shine, and it became a mere wish.

A stop at the Market and Plaza de las Flores is also a must. The atmosphere will be what will make you fall in love with this place that will introduce you deeply into the local life, as well as being able to taste the exquisite products of Cadiz.

Alameda and Plaza del Mentidero, the most typical promenade in the city. It is located in the historic centre of the city and follows a route that runs parallel to the sea and the city walls.

For a more relaxed plan, don’t miss a visit to Parque Genovés, a natural setting in the heart of the city centre. 

Barrio del Pópulo, another of Cádiz’s well-known attractions due to its antiquity. It is delimited by three 13th century arches called La Rosa, Los Blancos and El Pópulo, which were the entrances to the medieval town. During a visit to the neighbourhood you can see part of the Roman theatre stands and the most important 17th century palace in the city, the Casa del Almirante.

Cathedral of Cadiz

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