Traveling with pets: Córdoba with a dog

Pet Friendly Places in Cordoba 

Cordoba is for the whole family… and when we say family, we also mean the little furry ones, who can also enjoy sniffing the city of the three cultures.

In this sense, being a tourist city, it has certain municipal ordinances that prohibit the entry of animals to the main monuments, but this does not mean that you can not walk, for example, through the old town and enjoy the main monuments or take a trip to the outskirts to enjoy a wild nature just a few kilometers away.

Are you thinking of visiting Cordoba with your dog? Today in Oway we tell you everything you need to know so you can enjoy the Caliphate city hand in hand with your best friend. Don’t miss it.

Guidance| Some considerations and frequently asked questions

  • Public transport with dogs: public services prohibit the entry of pets on their lines. However, some cabs do accept their entry if they are in their carrier.
  • Dog parks: With just over two years of existence, Cordoba is home to one of the largest dog parks in Spain- The Cruz Conde park with 2000 m2 of extension. You will also find the city’s second park (Miraflores) with 750 m2.
  • The nearby beaches do not allow pets but the nearby rivers or lakes can be an excellent alternative.

What to visit in Cordoba with a pet?

Old Town, the essence of the Caliphate

Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, you can stroll through its stone alleys with your dog to discover the secrets and the essence of the Mosque, the Synanogue, the Jewish Quarter or the Roman Bridge, among others.

If you visit Cordoba in summer, we recommend leaving the walk for the hours with less heat – at dawn or dusk when the city takes another life thanks to the respite that gives the heat.

Terraceo: Out for a walk with your pet

A beer on a heated terrace while watching the locals go by? Affirmative … and there is no better plan than enjoying the city to the rhythm of a Cordovan with a good beer, tapa and if it is with the company of your dog, even better.

Natural Parks, a not-to-be-missed option

In addition to historical monuments, a lesser known attraction of Cordoba, but no less impressive, are the natural parks such as:

  • Cardeña-Montoro Natural Park
  • Natural Park of the Sierra de Hornachuelos
  • Natural Park of Las Lagunas del Sur

Pet friendly hotels in Córdoba

  • Hesperia Córdoba
  • Las casas de la judería
  • NH Collection Amistad
  • Palacio del Bailio
  • La llave de la Judería
  • Casa de los Naranjos
  • Tryp Córdoba
  • Gran Plaza
  • Maestre

 Pet Friendly Restaurants

The terraces admit pets in general, but we recommend these restaurants where you can enjoy the company of your dog and the typical gastronomy of Cordoba:

  • Las Torres
  • Casa Miguel

In short, both you and your dog can enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Cordoba and… And why not? Take a free guided tour of the city together, at Oway we will be delighted to welcome your dog. What are you waiting for to discover Cordoba?

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