6 Cheap Plans to enjoy in Cordoba


The city of Cordoba is not only a quiet and charming place full of history in each of its corners, but also offers its magic to all of us at a fair and affordable price

Below, we propose a list of plans and places to venture in order to enjoy and learn more about the city and its vestiges of Roman and Muslim culture.

Visit the Mosque-Cathedral for Free

Can you imagine being able to visit one of the most precious jewels of Cordoba (and the world)  for free? Well, here’s the secret: every day from Monday to Saturday, from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m., you can enter and admire the mosaic of cultures and architectural styles that make the Mosque-Cathedral one of the most unique and magical places in the world; no wonder it is rightly considered a World Heritage Site.

  • Bell Tower: free for those born in Cordoba and 2 euros for general admission. Enjoy the privileged views of the Mosque, the Patio de los Naranjos, the historic center and the river.
  • Patio de los Naranjos: open free to the public. 

Aerial view of the Mosque

Go to Museums

If what you like is to get lost through history, investigate and learn more about the city and its culture or simply enjoy art… Cordoba has more than 10 museums to do so! Among them:

Viana Palace

Enter the courtyards of this beautiful palace built in the 15th century and delight yourself with its beautiful gardens full of flora and fountains while you see with your own eyes an authentic house of the old Cordovan nobility. Don’t forget that on Wednesdays it is free to visit from 2 to 5 p.m.!

Viana's Palace


Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of Cordoba

Fancy a trip back in time – to prehistoric times, to the late Middle Ages perhaps? The archaeological museum and its more than 33,000 pieces, prized not only for their quantity but also for their quality and condition, will take you on a journey full of history and new discoveries for free if you are an accredited citizen of the European Union or 1.5 euros if you are from another nationality.

Do not forget to check its temporary exhibitions as well as its famous archaeological remains of the Roman theater.

Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of Cordoba


Take a walk through the center of Cordoba and sit down toe at some tapas to regain strength in the Plazas de la Corredera and Tendillas. With a lot of variety of bars, you can always enjoy a drink with tapas at very cheap prices, for example in the bar De Tapas: where the beer costs 1 euro and where the service goes around with different tapas at 0.9 euros.

Don’t forget to try the salmorejo with a wedge of the famous tortilla de patatas from the Santos’ bar while sitting outside the Mezquita, one hundred percent recommended!

Cardenal Herrero Street

Discover the Botanical Garden

Thanks to its 11 spaces and collections, the botanical garden located near our Guadalquivir River, leads us to explore the different types of flora: the African crassas, the Mediterranean flora in the botanical school, rose gardens and the Canarian flora of the greenhouses; without forgetting the stone forest where we will meet… fossil plants!

The botanical garden in addition to its program focused on preserving and teaching about the flora, also offers various activities with purpose of making the public learn in a fun way and with the family. A cheap plan at the price of 3 euros per adult, 1.5 for children, students and retirees and free for children under 5 years.

Entrance to the Botanical Garden

Get lost in the Jewish Quarter

Cordoba is one of those cities where you wouldn’t mind getting lost and walking through its streets enjoying its beauty and cultural richness. But from here we give you a map and a compass so you don’t miss these places that are undoubtedly worth visiting and will make you walk through the different cultures that once settled in Cordoba and are still present today.

The Jewish quarter

Situated in the historic center of Cordoba and designed like the typical Islamic quarters, is located between the Almodovar Gate and the Mosque. Not only you get to enjoy the design of the streets themselves but also the variety of stores and restaurants where you can stop for a bite to eat or buy some souvenirs.  The Jewish quarter opens the way to other places of tourist interest such as the museum of the Inquisition or enjoy the beautiful views of La Puerta de Almodovar, from where you enter another era of our country.

Deanes Street

Roman Bridge

Undoubtedly one of the tourist attractions par excellence. Ideal for strolling and observing the banks of the Guadalquivir, the Roman bridge has a beauty that lasts 24 hours a day; you can enjoy a walk in daylight or illuminated by spotlights when you walk at night. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, maybe this bridge is already familiar to you…

Roman Bridge

The Fernandine Churches

Cordoba, among other things, has many churches that besides being really beautiful, are also cultural treasures. The Fernandine churches are a total of 14 churches that Fernando III ordered to be built after the reconquest of Cordoba. Some of them were built from ancient mosques. They are an example of the medieval architecture of Cordoba. 

  • The Church of San Lorenzo

Inside of San Lorenzo Church

  • San Miguel Church

Inside of San Miguel Church

  • The Church of Santa Marina

Santa Marina Church

Are you interested in architecture and want to see a different but important part of the ancient cultures of Cordoba? These churches await your visit completely free of charge.


And last but not least, we would like to recommend the following guided visits available in this historic and amazing city, among which you will find guided tours for some of the plans recommended in this article. The guided visits are the following:

Our most popular tours

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