The 10 best places to eat in Cordoba

Cordoba, known for its traditional food, its outstanding gastronomy in the Andalusian cuisine. It is one of the attractions that visitors look for in their visit to the city. Cordoban dishes such as salmorejo, oxtail, flamenquín or pastel cordobés are popularly known.

But where can I taste these dishes at their best or try something new and different in the city, without spending too much, well, we will bring you the answer in this article where you can check the 10 best restaurants in Cordoba.


Góngora Tavern

This is the ideal place to savor the typical food of the city, located at Conde de Torres Cabrera 4, highlighting its game meats, which are rated by regular customers with an excellent rating. If something stands out in this restaurant is that although its cuisine is of unquestionable quality, its prices are quite economical, in a range of 5 € to 15 € dishes.

It is an ideal option to taste the true essence of Cordoba and not worry about how full your wallet is at that moment.

The 10 best places to eat in Cordoba.
(Aubergines with honey)

Bar/Tavern Moriles

There is no Cordovan who has not eaten in a tavern or bar moriles, their dishes are the most typical of the Cordovan population and you can also find several around the city. The first bar moriles was inaugurated in the neighborhood of Ciudad Jardin, in Antonio Maura street. It is known because since it was inaugurated it has been a meeting place for all kinds of people. They are known for their delicious broths.

Do not worry about the prices, they are totally affordable, being the average price of the dishes about 6€/7€ and the portions compared to the prices are abysmal, abundant dishes for more than economic prices, you can not make any excuse when visiting this place, you will love it, and the best thing, you have more than one place available to choose where you would like to try their dishes.

The look of the restaurants varies from one to another, from classic taverns, to the new Moriles restaurant located in La Ribera, where you can already see a more modern style.

The 10 best places to eat in Cordoba.
(Moriles Ribera)


Bar Santos

If you are a fan of omelettes, you can not leave Cordoba without a visit to the bar Santos, is located in the Jewish quarter, opposite the south side of the Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba, ie you can be eating your delicious plate of omelette watching the most wonderful monument of the city, it is a different dining experience.

The omelette offered is one of the largest in Spain, and the skewer is 2.30 €, being the average price of their menu 4 €, although if you are not much of an omelette also has a variety of tapas, the spectacular thing is the location of the bar and the experience they offer.

The 10 best places to eat in Cordoba.
(Omelette from Bar Santos)

Tavern Of The River (Taberna Del Río)

Half a kilometer from the Cathedral Mosque, located on the Paseo de la Ribera, is this wonderful restaurant. Over the years has been gaining the reputation it has, its price range ranges between 10 € and 15 €. It offers a varied menu in which you can see both typical dishes of the province and dishes created by the same kitchen of the tavern, mixing local products with oriental, an explosion of flavors. 

The highlight of this restaurant is not only its quality food, but the views offered by its rooftop, from where you can see the Roman Cordoba (Roman bridges). 

Do not hesitate to have an evening at this restaurant, you will not regret it.

The 10 best places to eat in Cordoba.
(Terrace of the restaurant: La Taberna del Río)

Taberna El Abanico (Fan Tavern)

Another well known tavern in the Jewish quarter is the Taberna del Abanico, located in the famous Calleja de las Flores in the historic center, specializing in wines and tapas from Cordoba. They want to give an informal and original touch to the traditional restoration of the city of Cordoba, pushing local products to a new level of tasting. The prices that can be found in this place are quite affordable, available to anyone who wants to try their dishes, at an average of 14€.

They have quite a few recipes hanging on their walls, so you leave with a full belly and a full head of new recipes to try.

The 10 best places to eat in Cordoba.
(Inside the restaurant)

La Cazuela De La Espartería

This restaurant was opened in 1998, with the main purpose of taking care of and spreading the gastronomic and enological culture in the city of Cordoba. In this same restaurant we can also contemplate a variety of traditional food, such as salmorejo, flamenquín or oxtail. They have dishes from the sea, from the land and desserts to melt with them, a wide choice where you will not know what to choose from the appetizing that shows all the content.

As in other named restaurants we can find the option of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food.

The price range in this place is between 13€ and 20€.

The 10 best places to eat in Cordoba.

Bodegas Campo

This space opened its doors in 1908 located in Calle Lineros, 32. They have as many years and experience as quality in all its dishes, dedicating itself in the same way for its oenology, raising wines from Montilla and Moriles. They themselves defend that they are characterized by the defense of popular traditions. All customers say that if you ask for a Cordovan flamenquín in any restaurant, it must be this one.

The average price of the dishes is 27€.

Inside, you can see several posters of fairs and bullfights. Also, illustrious signatures that have been leaving celebrities such as: The royal house, writers, flamenco artists, bullfighters and artists.

It is also a curious fact that they have a well-known training center.

The 10 best places to eat in Cordoba.
(Restaurant Bodegas Campos decorated for celebration)

Bocaíto Andalusí

Not everything is going to be typical dishes and tapas of Cordoba, we are also going to recommend one of the best halal restaurants, inspired by Moroccan and Middle Eastern dishes. It is located in the famous Mercado de la Victoria, where you can also try other different local gastronomic varieties. Concentrating on our recommended place, we can say that it is one of the best halal food places in the city, in which the prices of the dishes do not exceed 12 €, we advise you to order the hummus and lamb couscous with vegetables, you will not regret it.

The 10 best places to eat in Cordoba.
(Photograph of the stall in the Mercado de la Victoria)

Hermitage Of La Candelaria

Ancient hermitage of the XV century, which is located in the old town of Cordoba, with three naves. It is a building worth seeing for its distinctive decoration.

This restaurant was not going to stay behind and also defended the use of local products. They qualify their dishes as “traditional food”. In their menu you can find such spectacular dishes such as: seasonal mushroom rice, Iberian feather and asparagus… You can find a great variation of starters, rice, fish, meats…, there is nothing to worry about when choosing a dish.

The prices in this restaurant are somewhat higher, ranging between 10 € and 80 €. But because of the food quality, the decor and the treatment received, you will notice that even what you are paying is little.

The 10 best places to eat in Cordoba.
(Interior of the restaurant)


Casa Pepe De La Judería

To finish this list we will talk about Casa Pepe, a restaurant founded in 1920, this restaurant has been gaining the fame it has over the years thanks to the arts of Spanish cuisine that had its founder and was transferred to their workers. With an intact distribution and decoration in which you can observe a real traditional Cordovan tavern. The dishes to try in this place are also typical in the province, but have a more elaborate elaboration process than in the previous restaurants, where they themselves claim to use quality ingredients in each meal served. The price range is higher, being between 27€-60€.

The 10 best places to eat in Cordoba.
(Paella from Casa Pepe de la Judería)


It should be noted that we can find vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, i.e. everyone can enjoy the menu offered by the place.

If you are in this area, you should take our monumental tour, to get to know the Jewish quarter of Cordoba.

Once you know all these places, you will want to try them again and again without stopping. You will not be able to say that the economy is too bad to afford these luxuries.

We hope this information has been helpful and that you have an excellent gastronomic experience in the city of Cordoba.

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