Lockers of Ronda

Ronda is located 100 kilometers from Malaga, being a very extensive municipality with many steep and narrow streets derived from the urban configuration that developed during the Muslim settlement. It is for this reason that carrying a suitcase on your visit can be a problem.

Luggage storage companies in Ronda

If you are looking for luggage storage in Ronda, here is a list of companies that offer this service


The company is run by professionals in the tourism field who take care of your luggage while you enjoy your walk through Ronda. They offer a service that remains open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, in most of their lockers.

Their locker service works as follows:

  • First you make a reservation in advance through their website including the days you wish to store your luggage.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, you must go to the reception of one of their affiliated partners such as Vinci Airports, SNFC or Accor Hotels to drop off your luggage. Once delivered, it is sealed and transported to a safe place.

Consignas de la empresa Eelway

The suitcase is insured up to 1000 euros and has a customer service in English 7 days a week at contact@eelway.com.

Hotels in Ronda

There are quite a few hotels in Ronda that offer a left-luggage service which can be interesting when making your reservation since you will be able to save some money if this service is included. This option, besides being the most cost-effective, is very useful since you can leave your luggage before check-in if you arrive before check-in time:

Hotel Andalucía

This hotel offers free luggage storage, although it should be noted that in order to enjoy this service you must pay for a room reservation. Luggage can be picked up at the end of your visit to Ronda, i.e. when you check-out. At the 24-hour reception you can also ask for their tourist information service, which offers a map showing all the monuments and their opening hours.

Exterior hotel Andalucía Ronda

The hotel is located at Avenida Martínez Astein 19. The contact telephone number is 952 875 450 and email info@hotel-andalucia.net.

Ronda Hotel

Located in the street ruedo de Doña Elvira number 12, 150 meters from the New Bridge of Ronda and 6 minutes walk from the Palace of Mondragón. The lodging includes a free luggage storage service with the hotel staff taking care of the luggage.

Entrada hotel Ronda

Montelirio Hotel

It is located at number 8 Tenorio Street, just three minutes from the square of Spain. It is one of the best hotels valued by its customers, among other reasons for its 24-hour concierge service available through the hotel reception.Its employees are also qualified to provide you with the tourist information you require.

Vista desde la piscina de Ronda en el hotel Montelirio

“La Fuente de la Higuera” Hotel

Located in the outskirts, in the Partido de los Frontones, in a natural environment where in addition to the rooms you have the possibility of staying in one of its suites. The complex offers a luggage storage service and tourist information at the reception desk. You can also ask about the laundry service to keep your luggage up to date, although this option is subject to a fee.

Interior del hotel fuente de la higuera (piscina y apartamento)

Sevilla Hotel

The Hotel Sevilla is located 500 meters from the Alameda del Tajo. In the main hall you will find a reception area where you can ask for tourist information as well as a transfer and luggage storage service, in the hands of a qualified staff to advise you on your stay.

Exterior del hotel Sevilla en Ronda

“Soho Boutique Palacio San Gabriel” Hotel

At 19 Marqués de Moctezuma Street you will find this Palace Hotel. It is a luxury complex where you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere that offers a 24-hour reception service whose staff can provide tourist information and luggage storage service. You can also rent a car to explore the surroundings of Ronda. The complex also offers a laundry service for an additional cost.

Patio interior del hotel soso boutique palacio de san Gabriel

”Maestranza” Hotel

This hotel is located in the historic center of Ronda, at 24 Virgen de la Paz street, in front of the bullring. The accommodation has a shared TV area and a 24-hour reception that offers a luggage storage service with surveillance.It also has an ironing service, dry cleaning and laundry at your disposal for an additional supplement.

Puerta principal del hotel maestranza de ronda

“Alavera de los Baños” Hotel

It is located in the street windmillde Alarcón without number. The reception is available to provide you with tourist information and luggage storage. There is even a massage service for an additional charge.

Vistas del interior con piscina del hotel alavera de Ronda


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