7 Cheap Restaurants where to eat in Ronda

Ronda is a unique municipality of the city of Malaga and one of the most demanded by tourists so it is no surprise that you feel like making a visit. But to enjoy this beautiful experience you have to do it on a full stomach, so here we leave you a list of restaurants and bars where you can eat at a good price. If you are interested in discovering the charming places of Ronda, we invite you to take our free guided tour of Ronda or the tour to discover its most famous monuments.

To start our recommendations, we bet on the most famous places for their delicious food and affordable prices: 

Bar El Lechuguita

Enjoy the great variety of food offered by this wonderful bar for only 0’90 a tapa. Its menu has vegetarian options and a lot of food alternatives to traditional food such as: montaditos, french fries, salad, grilled meat on skewers, etc…

Fast service, you just have to choose what you want to eat, order and wait to be called. One of the best options without a doubt. 



Bodega San Francisco

This bodega is very popular among the people of Ronda and it is a perfect place to enjoy a meal on the terrace and also to go with children; it is located in a square with a park next to it so you can enjoy your meal while your little ones enjoy playing. Vegetarian and celiac options. The tapas cost only 1.5 euros and there is a great variety so you can eat well just by ordering  tapas only. Tapas are much cheaper than ordering portions, but if you feel like eating traditional dishes such as ensaladillas, serranitos, pinchitos or homemade croquettes… Don’t hesitate to ask for it!

Having mentioned two of the best known places, we invite you to discover new bars and restaurants where you can eat well and cheaply, from local food to Japanese or Italian food, depending on your tastes.

Bodega San Francisco

De Locos Tapas

One of the best discoveries in Ronda, this wonderful bar is famous for its beautiful and unique tapas, as well as for its exquisite taste and good service. The tapas mix different styles: modern, national and international; and they have vegetarian and celiac options. Eat well for 5-20 euros and enjoy also in their terraces. By the way, you can’t miss their foie tapa! 


Pizzeria Il Forno a Legna

An alternative to Ronda food for lovers of Italian cuisine, but don’t worry, there is also Mediterranean cuisine here. This place has vegetarian and vegan options as well as for celiacs. With cheerful service and a good atmosphere, it is one of the best Italian restaurants in Ronda where you can eat well considering that the price ranges from 4 to 14 euros.

pizza margarita

 Doña Pakita

A fusion restaurant that surprises the clientele for its great food and even better prices for this type of restaurant, it has quite affordable prices. On average about 18 euros per person, the price ranges between 10 and 25 euros. This restaurant mixes Spanish, Mexican and Japanese food, so the menu is very varied and the food is of good quality. Vegetarian food is also available.

pez mantequill roll Pakita

Los Cazadores

Although the name might lead you to think that it is a steakhouse or a meat restaurant, this restaurant is one of the best places to eat fish. For a reasonable price for the quality of the food, you can enjoy fish and seafood such as marinated hake with lemon or thin shell, as well as fried eggplants. But that’s not all, the fish they cook is the catch of the day and they prepare it behind the bar, which gives a lot of trust  to the customer. With a great service, it is a great option for seafood lovers.

plato de pescado y arroz

Finally, we mention a gastrobar where you can eat high quality food at reasonable prices:

Gastrobar Camelot

 It has a great variety of rich tapas to try and enjoy from 1 euro to 2’5 euros a piece. You can have a good time on the terrace, which is always open, while you decide what to try; and the choice is not easy because there are many burgers, grilled meat on skewers and tapas to try. Highly recommended place as it not only has vegetarian and celiac options, but also has meals for our vegan friends.

Gastrobar Camelot

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