8 Vegetarian restaurants in Córdoba

Sometimes, being vegetarian or vegan can be a complicated task when visiting a new city.

And sometimes the options for a vegetarian are scarce, so you can’t enjoy the local cuisine as you would like. But luckily in Cordoba the traditional gastronomy also adapts to options without meat, fish, dairy or eggs…etc. In Oway, as tourist guides in Cordoba, we know some good vegetarian restaurants that we reveal in today’s post…take note!

Vegetarians: Where to eat in Córdoba?

Traditional gastronomy in Cordoba is not incompatible with vegan and vegetarian options.

Therefore, there are traditional taverns and restaurants that have these options. So you can enjoy Cordoba with all your senses. Some are located in the historic center, others have the tradition of Cordoba and there is even a restaurant in the very Roman caves, where you can enjoy vegetarian options.

1. Bodega Taberna Rafaé Winery

In the heart of the Jewish quarter of Cordoba you will find this bodega with vegetarian options in the purest traditional style. Here you will find salmorejo cordobés, califal rice or the typical Sephardic eggplants…finger-licking good!

Homemade and familiar food in the heart of the old town and affordable prices. We recommend it.

2. Rincón de las Beatillas

Where the beatas used to live, today you can enjoy a vegetarian meal in the middle of the historical and artistic heritage in the Barrio de San Agustín.

Also… Did you know that it is the oldest tavern in Cordoba?

3. Vinoteca Ordóñez Tavern

Nothing more and nothing less than the first wine bar that opened in the Jewish quarter of Cordoba. Between arches in the purest winery style, you can enjoy a vegetarian menu washed down with the best wines.

4. Los Naranjos del paraíso

In the foothills of Sierra Morena, it is a family place where you will enjoy the natural setting and vegetarian options.

5. Sociedad Plateros Tavern

Between arches in the purest style of the Mosque, you can enjoy this house dating from 1868, where the menu is made up of dishes of traditional Cordovan cuisine.

The best part? Its Cordoban patio with orange and lemon trees.

6. Cuevas Romanas

Vegetarian menu and archeology? In the Roman Caves it is possible. With a mix of traditional and contemporary cuisine, it is a highly recommended option in the surroundings of Sierra Morena.

In its dishes, Mozarabic, Jewish and traditional Andalusian food is updated with the creativity of its chefs.

7. Casa Salinas Tavern

In this tavern they say that wine is a form of meditation…so you have to try it, right? Between wines and traditional vegetarian options, in this tavern you can enjoy an unforgettable evening.

8. Casa Palacio Bandolero

Located in a palace house of the sixteenth century, eating in this typical eating house becomes an unforgettable experience. As you will see, if you are vegetarian in Cordoba you can enjoy the gastronomy without impediments, and some traditional eating houses have adapted their menu to the new times. In addition, you will find vegetarian and economical options to eat well.


Even Cordoba’s most traditional dish, salmorejo, is a completely vegetarian option, which can be made vegan if you order it without chopped egg. Salmorejo, scrambled eggs, Sephardic rice dishes, Caliphate-style eggplants or salads are among the vegan or vegetarian options for you to enjoy as never before in a historic setting.

Because who said vegetarian could only be hipster? In Cordoba, in a traditional tavern, between guitars and flamenco you will find options for you. Do you dare to discover Cordoba?


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