Cheap restaurants in Córdoba

Cordoba, well known for its monuments such as the Mosque Cathedral or Roman Bridge, but also has a high quality intercultural gastronomy with a series of dishes and culinary customs within the Andalusian cuisine. Some of its most typical dishes such as salmorejo cordobés, Andalusian gazpacho, oxtail, and a host of delicacies that can be enjoyed in this city.

If you are traveling to this city, we recommend a series of restaurants where you can eat at a great price.

Taberna El Abanico

This bar is perfect if you are visiting the Mosque, located on the corner of the famous Calleja de las Flores, you have no excuse to miss its tapas and portions specialized in typical Cordovan food, with a perfect quality and price.

If you happen to be in the city on weekdays, they offer a menu for 9`95€, but if this is not the case, they have really good prices in the menu. The half portions they offer do not exceed 5€ and a plate of flamenquín with accompaniments costs about 7€. A luxury not to be missed!

Taberna El Abanico

Taberna Góngora

Undoubtedly, if you visit this restaurant you can’t forget to try the salmorejo cordobés, one of the most outstanding dishes of the gastronomy, for only 3`25 € the tapa.

Another of the star prices that this restaurant has are the oxtail croquettes, for (5`25€) and fried anchovies with lemon for 4€.

Taberna Góngora

Canadian Tapas

Perfect if you feel like tapas, but also stands out for dinner or lunch, for example, a full hamburger is 4€ and tapas from 3`50€. They have a very varied and complete menu, and the place is phenomenal in the center, near the Victoria Market.

They have a menu for 8€ for weekdays that has a variety of twenty dishes to choose from, except on weekends you can only choose one and its price is 12€.

Canadian Tapas

Bar Santos

The best place where you can eat the best tortilla de patatas in Cordoba. Not only for its taste, but they are extremely huge.

The price of a skewer of this huge tortilla is 2`30€. There is always an atmosphere at the door taking the skewer and a beer enjoying the views it offers, as it is attached to the Mosque Cathedral.

Bar Santos

La Fabbrica Pizzeria

If you want to vary a little and do not feel like trying Cordovan dishes or tapas, this is one of the best options. They make excellent pizzas for a price of about 8€, of a fairly large size, so you can share them.

The only problem is that it is a fairly small place, very close to the central area of the city, and the waiting list is usually long. It is preferable to book in advance.

Pizzeria La Fabbrica

Caracoles La Magdalena

Another variety if you don’t want to eat the typical, Cordoba is also well known for its snails. The most typical place to eat them is in La Magdalena, which are considered the best in the city.

It is quite inexpensive, you just have to see if you like them or not, but you have to give them a try. There are quite a few varieties, picantones, broth, etc.

Caracoles La Magdalena

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