Guide of Cádiz

Cádiz is one of those excellent destinations to spend your holidays

Cádiz is one of those unbeatable holiday destinations in the most literal and honest sense possible, because it is one of those places with charm, permanent good vibes and many options in terms of comfort, enjoyment and fulfillment. From its fine golden sandy beaches to its excellent gastronomic offer. In the old town, besides delighting in its narrow streets and its singularity, it offers many bars and restaurants that mix the past with the present, tradition with modernity, he old bars with the most modern and avant-garde.

Everything coexists in Cadiz with ease, serenity, tranquility and a large amount of art. Its people and its settings full of magic. Another great advantage is the proximity to the sea and, therefore, this results in the freshness and quality of the fish. They also have the Cathedral, the Gadir archaeological site, the Gran Teatro Falla, where carnivals are celebrated, the Tavira Tower or the monument to the Cortes de Cadiz. The city also offers a party and a vibrant nightlife to complete the variety of possibilities that the traveler can find is he or she wants.

To keep adding attractions that enchant the tourist, add that it is not a crowded place where it is impossible to enjoy without hurry. Cadiz is calm, splendid climate, family atmosphere and proximity to everything. In one hour we can walk through Cadiz from end to end. Its gastronomic markets are another one of the highlights of a place of 10 and that can perfectly fulfill everything the world understands by holidays. Cadiz wins everyone heart with fidelity and simplicity.

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