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Granada Guide

A city with a lot of charm in southern Spain

There are few cities in the south of Spain with more charm than Granada, a settlement where culture, excellent gastronomy and beautiful landscapes go hand in hand. The possibilities of the city are endless. You will go from visiting the entire Alhambra to contemplating the city from the Mirador de San Nicolas to enjoying a walk and an ice- cream or a tapa and a beer on a terrace when the sun goes down. Every plan, whether it is more or less elaborate, makes another sense in Granada. There are really few more ideal places to get lost and get lost.

Where to buy in Granada

You will leave this beautiful city with a souvenir or gift. In Granada you will find from the most sophisticated shops in the street of the Catholic Monarchs to the main brands in streets like Puentezuelas, Zacatín or San Antón. However, this city is also the birthplace of the craft market and goldsmithing. Besides, the best area undoubtedly that best reflects this legacy is the Albaicín. This contains inlay workshops, Fajalauza pottery shops, and masters guitar making the best flamenco prototypes in the Cuesta de Gomérez.

In the surroundings of the Plaza Nueva, from a central plane, we find the bazaar of the Alcaicería. This bazaar is an old Arabic bazaar that is still in force and latent, with a street full of trades oriented to crafts and goldsmithing. Furthermore, you also have the streets of the Calderería Vieja and Nueva, with more commercial establishments and also of Arabic inspiration, where you can buy an exceptional Moorish tea. In the different villages that complete the appearance of the Granada Alpujarra you can also find unique craft products such as the jarapas, a type of colorful carpets and with more than curious spikes.

There are also many shopping centres: the Neptuno Shopping Centre, the Arabial and the Serrallo Plaza, where the good life and the good atmosphere are concentrated.

In the Albacin, the best ceramic of Fajalaurza

In fact, this area is the best place to buy all kinds of handicrafts and goldsmith products. Here you will find the most traditional gifts of Granada to keep as a souvenir or as a gift. We are talking about the ceramic pieces from Fajalauza, originally from the Albaicín, where the official workshop is located. It is a decorative technique that consists in the formation of geometric figures starting from very small pieces of different colors. The tones of green and blue end up decorating plates, pitchers, tiles or jugs. It has a strong Nasrid influence and it’s one of the strongest and most important aspects of Granada’s craftsmanship. Andalusia has always been a very rich land and permeable to the rise of craftspeople. However, another of it specialities is the inlay, a technique of ancient decoration of furniture, chests and cases, introduced into the peninsula by the Arabs.

Alcaiceria, an ancient Nasrid market of silk

It is a network of narrow streets that served as a large ancient Arab souk where silk was made and sold. Its establishments on Calle Alcaicería are located at the base of the Cathedral and now they specialise in handicrafts, cribs and miniatures. The Arab bazaar in the centre of Granada. Everyday opens from 10 am to 9 pm. It is located at an rich area in history and local culture, where you can still find exotic products. In Arabic, the Alcaicería means “the place of Caesar”, and this name was given to the emperor in order to thank him for having given them the exclusive manufacturing and sale of silk in the sixth century.

Cuesta de Gomerez, steep but appealing and singular

On the way to the Alhambra, it is very interesting to visit this tremendously special hill because, as you go up, you will find several shops that make guitars of the best luthiers. Además, son pequeños sitios que fomentan la difusión del arte flamenco. The tour ends with a beautiful and imposing Roman door. During the day, the slope of Gomérez becomes a delicious and noisy place full of color and good vibes. The slope connects Plaza Nueva to the gates of the Alhambra and is full of shops dedicated to the noble art of creating flamenco guitars, which is why Granada has a great reputation in this field. It has a Morocan style, so it feels like when you are walking down this hill, you are walking in a different era and a different place.

Things to do in Granada

You have several possibilities to enjoy Granada and all of them are really enriching because Granada is the city of charm and magic. The first thing to do is let yourself go through the Albaicín district, with its viewpoint of San Nicolás, and its narrow and exhilarating white streets. Good views increase as we continue up to Sacromonte, a tremendously picturesque neighborhood with colorful small houses and it will give you the feeling that the time has stopped at some point. In this extravagant and charming neighbourhood, which is extremely unique, you will find the Abbey and several caves where you can enjoy a flamenco zambra show.

There is also the relaxed option of walking around the city from its most central position, visiting the different “teterías” of Elvira Street. While you walk, you enjoy its monuments and you can get a good ice cream from Los Italianos and at the same time you allow yourself to be seduced by the festive, pleasant and familiar atmosphere of its streets and people. While you fill your roadmap with experiences, there will always be room for good tapas in any of the places that we recommend from Oway. And aside from the most popular menu, you will find a landscape and more interesting travel possibilities in Sierra Nevada, either related or not to its ski resort. Finally, a visit that can really interesting as well is the one around the little beautiful towns of the Granada’s Alpujarra. These have Berber dyes and with singularities at every step. Granada is made to be visited, tasted and contemplated. What are you waiting for?

Zambra flamenca in Sacromote

One of the things you have to do is to watch Granada’s flamenco show in a cave in the Sacromonte neighbourhood, the gypsy neighbourhood of Granada par excellence. It is a place on the top of the city that seems to live unconnected to everything. It has caves in the form of caves adapted and they have been renovated to be able to accommodate flamenco shows of all kinds. It is for sure a different and interesting experience. In this case the zambras are very traditional flamenco dances of Granada where guitar, singing and passion are mixed.

A sunset in San Nicolas

From the viewpoints of San Nicolás and San Miguel el Alto you can enjoy and admire one of the best views of Granada. Watching the sunset from these natural watchtowers is one of the best things to do in this charming city. It’s a place where time stops, with the Alhambra and the peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the background, and the city at your feet. It has a quiet and intoxicating environment that favors the enjoyment from the benches located in the viewpoint of San Nicolas. They are the benches of visual joy. You will not regret it.

“Teterías” in Elivira street or in Caldería Nueva

Infusions, teas and Arabic gastronomy. This is what you will find in many of the tea shops located in these streets of the city of Granada. It is a pedestrian street with this type of establishments with a marked Arabic accent, next to Moorish craft shops, where you can taste Moorish pastries and delicious and exotic Arab teas for the palate.

Enjoy the ski resort of Sierra Nevada

Only half an hour from the city of Granada, it’s a mountain sports paradise with more than 100 kilometres of slopes, snow, abundant sunshine, privileged views and an incomparable skiing environment. It is the perfect place to practice all snow sports. It is also a meeting point for lovers of snow that each year is filled with parishioners who enjoy the quality of the facilities of this reference station in the European concert. The fun is guaranteed for families and couples. However, you don’t always need skis, you can also enjoy the nature and landscapes of Sierra Nevada with a route of snowshoes (depending on the season). Make this tour with a polar lining, sunglasses, mountain boots and plenty of water. It is a place that undoubtedly offers many possibilities due to its rich landscape.

The towns of the Alpujarra of Granada

The Alpujarra is a valley located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. It offers a great variety of spectacular landscapes, surrounded by white villages of marked Berber style connected by routes that will encourage hiking and leisure to contemplate all its possibilities. Locations like Lanjarón, famous for the water, with its springs, or Órgiva, a wonderful white enclave with two twin towers of the sixteenth century that preside over the canvas. There is also Pampaneira, the most picturesque village in the Alpujarra, with its narrow white streets and craft shops, as well as Pitres and Trévelez, possibly the highest village in Spain. It is a joy to see a totally white village, with a mosque and Moorish influence, standing on a beautiful green valley and with an ascending and almost perfect structure. Enjoy the uniqueness and idiosyncrasy of each of the villages of the wonderful Alpujarra of Granada.

What monuments to see in Granada

Granada will fascinate you.It is a small city but with a number of attractions that deserve to lengthen your stay to be able to appreciate and taste everything. Just on the visit of the Alhambra one spends 3 hours to see everything, so you invest a lot of time. It also depends on the degree of interest and beauty that awakens in the traveler but we assure you that it will be high, because the Alhambra is a city palace that surprises every stay of its landscaped and walled structure. It is a treasure that one never gets tired of appreciating, from the most hidden to the most superficial details. Above, from some of the balconies of the Alhambra, there is a beautiful view of the Albaicín and the Sacromonte. The gardens of the Generalife are a joy for the sight, a moment that without a doubt you will want to immortalize.

Besides, you have the Albaicín and the Sacromonte, the high part of the city and radically different to the center of Granada. They are different, picturesque, and extravagant, they have charming areas, where it seems that a different rhythm of life and everyday life is carried on. Natural watchtowers where you can contemplate with admiration Granada, which rests at your feet. An attractive point you have to try is to go up to the Sacromonte Abbey and get lost during the day in its district of flowers, narrow streets and long paths. The Cathedral, the Carthusian Monastery, the Royal Chapel and the Arab baths of El Bañuelo complete the monumental offer of a religious city. It is a meeting point for great civilizations and an architectural beauty without equal. Enjoy Granada and let yourself be immersed by its incredible spirit and magic.

It is a fascinating complex is one of the most visited monuments in Europe and one of the most beautiful in the world. It is considered the fourteenth wonder of the world. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1984 and it takes approximately three hours to visit the entire place. It is mainly constituted by the gardens of the Generalife, the Nasrid Palaces and the Alcazaba. Its origins date back to the 13th century when the first Nasrid monarch, Mohamed I, established his residence there. It is an immense fortress, walled and it looks like a palatial miniature city full of gardens, leafy vegetation, flowers, colors, impossible arches, Arabic architecture, long paths, interior courtyards, fountains, water spaces, bathrooms and large esplanades. It is a real barbarity. It is worthwhile to stop at the details as well as at the immense landscape. There is also a beautiful view of the Albaicín and the Sacromonte from its courtyards and elevated terraces. It will make you want to enjoy not only the beauty of its different rooms, but also to take a lot of pictures. The Alhambra is a great example of how light and water can offer important decorative effects. Do not miss the night visit, one of the great unknown that turns out to be highly recommended. A spectacle of light, color and water to please you with the kindness of the Alhambra. At night, colors and shades are lost but magic and sensations are obtained.

Just the fact of putting a foot on this large and wide room will make you appreciate its identity, charisma and personality. Everyone who visits it is aware of its dimension and beauty. It is a wide courtyard dominated by a fountain with 12 lion which are all different and this lions give name to this part of the enclosure. It has two pavilions or temples, one is exterior and the other one is interior. You get access to the interior one by crossing the 124 columns that form the beautiful porticoed galleries.

The Sacromonte Abbey is one of the most interesting places and one of the monuments that has one of the most important historical legacies of the whole city of Granada. Therefore, it is a must for all tourists who come to the city, despite being one of the most unknown. For this reason, today we bring you the history, the structure, the parts and all the curiosities that surround this magnificent monument of the city of Granada to arouse your curiosity and encourage you to visit it.

It is the first Renaissance Cathedral in Spain and the second largest in the country. It has a completely rounded High Altar, unprecedented in the history of architecture and it has extraordinary dimensions. If you are a devotee this is a visit you must do. For those who are not, you have to visit the place because it is an architectural jewel that is worthy of being seen from the outside and also from the inside because it really makes an impact and impresses in equal parts.

It is located between the Cathedral, the Lonja ledge and the church of the Sacred, in the heart of Granada. It was built by the Catholic Monarchs at the beginning of the 16th century to turn it into the burial place for their bodies. It is part of the Cathedral complex and it’s located in a privileged area in the centre. In Gothic style, it is another of Granada’s inherited attractions.

It is a monastery that combines different styles but it represents one of the peaks of Baroque architecture in Spain. It is a wonderful thing and worth the visit although the fatigue may surface at some point taking into account the amount of attractions that this city has. The Altar, its Sacristy, the wood works, the collection of paintings by Sánchez Cotán and the Baroque character of the Monastery itself are all beautiful.

Its labeled conceptually in diminutive because it is smaller than the other royal baths of the Alhambra. It graphically represents the ritual of physical and spiritual cleansing of that time and it also reproduces faithfully what it also meant the meeting points. These are the best preserved public baths on the peninsula. It is declared to be of cultural interest.

The Science Park shows the versatility of the city and the scientific spirit of Andalusia. Granada is known for the Alhambra, Lorca and the Andalusian accent. However, it also has a brilliant side related to medicine, astrology, technology, etc. If you are in Andalusia for a few days and want to get into the world of science, you should visit the park!

The Huerta de San Vicente was Federico García Lorca‘s summer family residence. The old barn has been transformed into a valuable place, an exhibition room for the author’s photographs, publications and manuscripts. Its rooms reflect part of his life, of his youth in the decoration and furniture. A place where you can discover the experiences, stories and life reflected in a house-museum, not to be missed if you visit Granada.

Granada has thousands of plans to do so you will not get bored. In addition, it is a city that has a lot of history and thousands of famous monuments. You can come and visit the Alhambra, with its impressive Generalife, the Palace of Charles V or the Museum of Fine Arts. So, if you are an art lover you cannot miss going to the museum of fine arts of Granada, where you will enjoy seeing contemporary art and more than two thousand three hundred works, spread over ten rooms in the museum. In addition, you can enjoy the whole day there since this area has restaurants where you can enjoy the gastronomy of Granada. Also, in this area of the Alhambra, the Generalife offers night visits so there is no excuse to go to this place and you can also get there by public transport. Are you going to miss one of the most impressive places in Granada? Come and enjoy this place, which will remain engraved in your mind.

Granada, a province that reaches the sky from the steep peaks of the Sierra Nevada, that offers pure monumental art, music and poetry, a place where the days will be short, and where there are countless places to visit. In Granada, you will be amazed. But we already know that visiting the Alhambra will undoubtedly be the main reason that will lead you to travel to Granada, but our visit to the city should not be centred here, as Granada has many more beautiful places to offer. In fact those places, such as the Corral del Carbón, are the ones that will not leave you indifferent as they are full of history and beauty, and that is also due to the fact that they are not so crowded. Discover all the information about this little piece of the 14th century, an old Andalusian alhóndiga from 1336, a reflection of the history of Granada and the Arab legacy that remains latent in the city.

The Monastery of San Jerónimo is a Renaissance jewel in the city of Granada. It is located just 250 metres from the Basilica San Juan de Dios and 800 metres from the Cathedral of Granada, so if you are walking through the city centre you can’t miss it. This monument will undoubtedly leave you amazed with its history and the numerous curiosities that it offers, which is why it is considered an Asset of Cultural Interest.

La Madraza was founded in 1349 and located in Oficios Street. It was the first University of Granada for theological and scientific studies. In this university were taught such illustrious characters as Ibn al-Khatib whose poems decorate the walls and fountains of the Alhambra. In addition, it is the only building that remains standing from the Nasrid Granada. The meaning of madrasa is school or university and comes from an Arabic word. Its impressive library was burned by Cisneros in the Bib-Rambla square, so Ferdinand II of Aragon gave it to the City Hall. This has been transformed until it reached a baroque style in 1722. It is also known as the Old Town Hall. The State finally took it back in 1943. Today it is the seat of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Nuestra Señora de las Angustias. This seat belongs to the University of Granada.

The landscape of the Alhambra redirects us to the Alcazaba, a natural reality culturally interpreted by man. It is the conscious mark left by man on the territory of a hill that is known as the Red Hill. The Alcazaba is nothing more than a castle or fortress used as a means of protection or refuge for an authority. The Alcazaba is characterised by the fact that it has a small medina or city inside it, unlike the castles.

The Basilica of San Juan de Dios is located in Granada, specifically in the street that gives its name to this church, the famous via San Juan de Dios. This baroque church with a Latin cross plan was built in 1737 in San Juan de Dios street when the Hospitaller Order of San Juan de Dios ordered the construction of this basilica in the middle of the century to protect and keep the remains of the saint. Inside you can appreciate its decoration made of polychrome wood with sculptures of saints where gilding bathes most of this church. What will impress you most is the beautiful altarpiece behind the gilded altar where you can´t stop looking at the virgin that stands in the center.

Where to stay in Granada

Staying in Granada is a wonderful thing because, besides the great options at your disposal, each and every one of them, at least the ones we propose, you will have something special. It is something special either for its architectural contours of palace airs, for its particular inspirations, for its privileged situations or for the kindness of its people. In most cases it has a very strong and powerful common denominator: the incredible views. You will experience the feeling of waking up contemplating the Alhambra, or arriving at the hotel at night appreciating Granada from the top of the Albaicín. From Oway we make it easy for you.

Hospes Palacio de los Patos, a five stars urban oasis | 5 stars

This palace emerges in the heart of the city, and it is not a metaphorical license, it is literal. It is surrounded by babblings of water and vegetation. It perfectly combines the tradition of a 19th century building of classical and industrial architecture with the avant-garde and absolute comfort of a magnificent hotel. If you want to feel like royalty, staying in its rooms, this is your opportunity. It also has a spa for welfare and a restaurant to enjoy a romantic evening with your partner.

Address: Calle Solarillo de Gracia, 1

Telephone: 958 53 57 90

Website: https://www.hospes.com/palacio-patos/

Eurostars Washington Irving, from literary inspiration | 5 estrellas

It has luxury facilities, with an outdoor swimming pool, balcony, library, vegetation, and breakfast included when booking through the official website. This emblematic hotel is inspired by the works of this famous American writer and it has a literary decoration. It offers to its guests a magnificent library with its best literary pieces and with a view of the Alhambra. It is really hard to ask for more.

Address: Paseo del Generalife, 10

Telephone: 958 21 71 10

Website: https://www.eurostarshotels.com/eurostars-washington-irving.html

Eurostars Cathedral, a privileged settlement | 4 estrellas

Just a few metres from the Cathedral and the Puerta del Perdón of this temple, this hotel is built of various structures, including a 16th century stately home with a stunning interior courtyard. It has an avant-garde design that won’t leave anyone indifferent, because of its direct views of the Cathedral and its innovative spirit. The rooms are spacious and bright and it contains the best equipment to guarantee the maximum level of comfort. A perfect location for exploring Granada and enjoying a wonderful stay.

Address: Calle Carcel Baja, 11-13

Telephone: 913 34 21 96

Website: https://www.eurostarshotels.com/eurostars-catedral.html

Casa Palacete, traveling twice | 4 stars

You can stay in the English room or the Italian, Chinese, French or Hindu. There are many possibilities in this unique palace house for you to stay in rooms specially decorated with the most characteristic features of each country. It’s like traveling twice. And everything has a majestic, real and tremendously glamorous touch. If you book through their website, you’ll get free breakfast. It has a unique decoration, in the center of Granada and it contains rooms for people with disabilities. It has everything even when it is a house built in 1822 and that remains unmoved to the passing of time.

Address: Calle San Isidro, 16

Telephone: 958 25 87 43

Website: https://www.casapalacete1822.com/es/

Mirador del Jazmín, a gift to the sight | 3 estrellas

How do you think it feels to wake up looking at the historic Alhambra from your window? The location of this viewpoint hotel is difficult to improve. They also have a nice outdoor courtyard on the rooftop where you can have a drink while admiring the views. It is located at the foothills of the Albaicín, and it is a hotel that allows you to be connected to the majority of the main tourist attractions in Granada. It is Captivating, friendly, spacious and located in a privileged location.

Address: Placeta Porras, 7

Telephone: 606 08 62 06

Website: https://www.booking.com/hotel/es/mirador-del-jazmin.es.html

Hotel Santa Isabel, you’ll feel like royalty | 3 stars

It will give you the feeling that you are in a beautiful house in the countryside because the Santa Isabel is a small, cozy and charming hotel located in the picturesque Albaicín district of Granada. It has luminous and familiar rooms with a rustic touch and soft colors that will make you feel at home. It also has wonderful views. In fact, from any point of this beautiful neighborhood perched on the heights of the city, there is an incredible panoramic view. They have 11 rooms and some of them have views of the hotel’s Andalusian courtyard.

Address: Calle Sta. Isabel la Real, 19

Telephone: 958 29 46 58

Website: https://www.hotelsantaisabellareal.com/es-es

Oasis Backpackershostel, more than a place to stay

This accommodation doesn’t offer just a place to stay but it also offers you a great variety of activities to make sure you have a unique experience in this hostel. Their motto is clear: travelling is fun and meeting people. In Oasis, a chain that opened in 2003 in Granada, they have all kind of rooms for all types of travelers: from 6 to 10 beds per bedroom.

Address: Calle Tiña, 18

Telephone: 958 80 58 76

Website: https://www.makutohostel.com/

Makuto Guesthouse hostel, a haven for travellers

They have two powerful slogans to attract the public who come to Granada wanting to try another concept of hostel accommodation: “a refuge made by and for travellers” and “we will make your stay unforgettable”. Hard to resist, eh? It is a unique and special place, with many common areas: hammocks, chill out, patio bar, kitchen, barbecue… where the ideal is to mingle and share experiences. Charming Andalusian house located in the historic heart of Granada.

Address: Calle Tiña, 18

Telephone: 958 80 58 76

Website: https://www.makutohostel.com/

White nesthostel, revitalizing experiences

It is located in the historic neighborhood of Albaicín, in a restored 17 the building next to the Alhambra. This hostel has a casual air and a family atmosphere. It is difficult to be any closer to the heart of the city’s main attractions and always with incredible views. You’ll have free breakfast and luggage storage until 23h. In addition, they promote and organize tours around Albaicín and Sacromonte with tapas and bicycles. They want to make your stay in Granada complete.

Address: Calle Santísimo San Pedro, 4

Telephone: 958 99 47 14

Website: https://www.nesthostelsgranada.com/es/

Where to eat in Granada

It is difficult to find a place in the geography where you can eat that well because there are so many delicious tapas at such a good price and surrounded by such a pleasant atmosphere. In Granada you will eat incredibly well and you only have to listen to those recommendations that Oway gives you. We care about you and your hunger after hours and hours of sightseeing in this wonderful city full of attractions. The fried fish is delicious and just removed from the sea. You can eat dogfish, knives, shrimps, cuttlefish, “chopitos”, “boqueroncillos”, monkfish, shrimps and squid. Everything you can imagine and more. The food is always served with beer or wine. Lastly, you cannot forget the aubergine with honey which is so traditional in Granada. Start to salivate!

La Rivera, good atmosphere and better food

This place has more than 50 varieties of beer and an old armor presiding over the bar and it is located between Gran Vía and Calle Elvira. It is situated at the entrance of the district of Albaicín and undoubtedly, its medieval details make the difference, as well as the quality of their tapas, especially the threaded loin and octopus. The cuisine is homemade and traditional. You can enjoy the “pescaíto frito”, omelets and “montaditos” varied. Good atmosphere and better food.

Address: Calle Cetti Meriem, 7

Schedule: every single day from 12:30 to 0:30.

Telephone and website: 958 22 79 69 | https://www.facebook.com/CerveceriaLaRiviera/

Los Diamantes, a jewel of the cuisine

This place has more than 50 varieties of beer and an old armor presiding over the bar and it is located between Gran Vía and Calle Elvira. It is situated at the entrance of the district of Albaicín and undoubtedly, its medieval details make the difference, as well as the quality of their tapas, especially the threaded loin and octopus. The cuisine is homemade and traditional. You can enjoy the “pescaíto frito”, omelets and “montaditos” varied. Good atmosphere and better food.

Address: Calle Navas, 28 | Calle Rosario, 12 | Plaza Nueva, 13

Schedule: Mondays to Fridays from 12h to 18h and from 20h to 02:00h. Weekends and holidays from 11h to 01:00h.

Telephone and website: 958 22 70 70 | https://www.barlosdiamantes.com/

Casa Julio, the temple of “tapeo”

This is a place you’ll repeat. We guarantee it. You get with every bite and every tapa all the flavor of Andalusia at once. It’s hard to find because it’s located in a alley that’s a bit ramshackle. Apparently, you don’t fall in love for the local, but when you sit and start trying tapas, you get impregnated with the magic of the establishment and you’ll reach another culinary dimension. You’ll find aubergines with honey, salmorejo and marinated dogfish. Everything has an amazing price and it is as if you felt like family. You will end up swapping tapas with other visitors who will feel as comfortable as you do at Casa Julio.

Address: Calle Hermosa, 5

Schedule: todos los días de 13h a 16h, y de 20:30 a 0:00h, excepto el lunes que cierran.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/barcasajulio/

Carmela, a triumvirate of pleasure

The Carmela group has in total three restaurants. The most traditional one (next to the Isabel La Católica square), the one called the Cuchara (next to the Roman Bridge) and the one called the Pescaíto next to the Cathedral. Every single one of them has its own style and gives emphasis on a specific component of the cuisine of Granada. It has a pleasant, renewed, and cozy atmosphere, and a kitchen that mixes tradition with new trends. Of course, always being faithful to the Mediterranean product with Andalusian flavors.

Address: Calle Colcha, 13 | Calle Paseo de los Basilios, 1 | Marqués de Gerona, 12

Schedule: they have the kitchen open every day from 12h to 00:00h, although from 08:00 in the morning they are already in serving lunches.

Telephone and website: 958 22 57 94 | https://www.restaurantecarmela.com/

Restaurante Carmen Aben Humeya: how to taste from paradise

This is a restaurant located in the Albaicín with spectacular views of the Alhambra. In fact, it has been chosen among the 5 most romantic restaurants in the world! According to a list drawn up by Zagat, it is considered one of the gastronomic places with the most magnets for love due to its mixture of cuisine and idyllic surroundings. The reason is because it is located in the gardens of the Casa de Aben Humeya, a 16th century Moorish house.

Address: Cuesta de las Tomasas, 12

Schedule: everyday from 12h to 16h and from 19h to 23h

Telephone and website: 958 22 83 45 | https://www.abenhumeya.com/

La Fábula, a blessing for the palate

It is part of the Hotel Villa Oniria and it is a restaurant with an exquisite and sophisticated decoration. It also has a big terrace surrounded by gardens and water fountains. It is a market cuisine where the flavor and taste for the local product prevails with a great and evident creative touch. It is a blessing for the palate. It is managed by Ismael Delgado with the supervision of Santi Santamaría and t was awarded a Michelin star in 2008.

Address: Calle San Antón, 28

Schedule: everyday from 14:00 to 16h and from 20:30 to 23h. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Telephone and website: 958 25 01 50 | https://www.restaurantelafabula.com/

Activities in Granada

Discover all the activities to do in Granada in the following link.

The culinary theme in Granada is aúpa. We are talking about an extraordinarily rich, varied and affordable place to eat. Even the most ramshackle and hidden place in the streets of Granada can offer us some pleasant surprises. There are also other streets exclusively full of places where you eat a delicious fried fish and in which the lively and cheerful atmosphere does not leave anyone indifferent. But the tapas repertoire goes further: aubergines with honey, salmorejo, marinated dogfish, etc. Not to mention the bull’s tail that is offered in places whose name and decoration are closely related to bullfighting.

Mainly, Granada is exchange, colourful, animated talks and a series of visual perspectives that will delight you and your friends. The Albaicín, the Sacromonte and the different viewpoints are presented as natural watchtowers from where you can contemplate the beauty of Granada, either in the morning where the views are sharp and clear, or at night when the Alhambra is illuminated and the lights end up drawing a huge Bethlehem. Granada has something special, a mysticism that wraps you up from the moment you get lost in its streets. You can also contemplate every corner of the Alhambra taking a moment to appreciate the details of its architecture and its leafy vegetation. You will be able to sit on stone benches while you admire its precious patrimony. There is just one Granada and you have to live it.

Tours at Granada

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