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Sevilla Guide

A dream city that has everything you need to travel and get carried away

It is a dream city that has everything someone needs to travel and let oneself be carried away: historical points, good places to eat, quiet and festive atmospheres, lots of colors, tradition, beauty, and neighborhoods with a lot of idiosyncrasy, such as Triana. Probably the most special part of Seville. Only by stepping into this neighborhood, you can already feel the magic and charm that it gives off. Whether between its bars, its people or the landscapes. Watching the sun go down from the Triana district while you stroll or have a drink on a terrace is one of the most beautiful things any traveler can do in the south of Spain.

Where to buy in Seville

Sevilla has many special faces. Gastronomic, cultural, historical, artistic and magical, as well as commercial and handcrafted, where everyone can find what they are looking for. After all, we are not going to fool ourselves, purchases end up being an important part of our journey. We always end up assigning some time of our stay to make a present or to have a pleasant memory in the form of a souvenir. And it is also a moment that we enjoy: we go around, we look, we compare and finally we take with us interesting things to decorate, preserve and give away.

And that’s why we recommend you 5 special places where it would be very interesting to drop in and also let you glimpse the most genuine Seville. Discover the city by shopping where the locals do it, from handcrafted products to more innovative ones. Have a good shopping!

Sevilla Souvenirs, variety and good price

In San Fernando street, there is a typical place for souvenirs where you can take a walk while observing and weighing the different products: T-shirts, fans, caps, cups, postcards, magnets, key rings, small sculptures, all kinds of figures, etc.

Sierpes Street

It is one of the most emblematic streets of Seville, which begins in La Campana street and ends in Plaza de San Francisco. It is totally pedestrianized. We can consider it the commercial heart of the city, with a wide range of traditional shops such as La Campana candy shop, el Cronómetro watch shop, and the Maquedano hat shop, all of them centenary. In addition to shopping, you can enjoy the walk contemplating buildings such as La Catalana, a remarkable architecture.

Tetuán Street

It is a pedestrian street where you can enjoy a pleasant walk with all the colors of Seville. It also has a very exclusive commercial offer of leading brands. Buying in Tetuán street is a luxury. If you feel like stopping by, take the opportunity to have a look at the impressive architecture of the building Casa Ocaña-Carrascosa, at number 1, and the house for Francisco Gil Fernández, at number 25. Good shopping!

Sabor a España, the sweets you can't miss

Brand of traditional products specialized in nougat, caramel-coated and derivatives of dried fruits and nuts. They also have other varieties of sweets and artisan snacks. Tradition, quality, sweetness everywhere and simplicity. Once you go, bear in mind that it is going to be almost impossible for you to leave with empty hands because the offer, the repertoire and the variety are like to sweeten any stay in the city without offering any resistance.

Bolas, the ice-cream reinvention

Very good and natural homemade ice cream. In addition, they are innovating with flavors such as cardamom or ginger, which join the more traditional chocolate, raspberry, cream or mango. It is one of the best ice cream parlors in Spain. And they have achieved it from the utmost simplicity: they wanted to recover the ice cream of all life, the one we took in our infancy, without arabesques or sweeteners. And as a curiosity, when you go to the ice cream shop, located in Cuesta del Rosario, you don’t find the typical window with all the different ice creams because, according to the owner, this damages the state of conservation. And as we say, the only thing that matters to them is the quality and authenticity of the ice creams.

Thursday's Historical Market, antiques and various objects

As its name suggests, it is held on Thursdays in Feria Street. It is the oldest and most iconic open-air market in Seville, where you can buy authentic relics and antiques, as well as a variety of second-hand objects (coins, clocks, cameras, books, furniture, albums, posters, vinyl, clothing…). A very curious and charming market. In addition, the area is full of bars and wine cellars for tapas and wine in the middle of the tour. Bustling, with great atmosphere and color.

Inciensos A. Fianders, the art of selling smoke

In Plaza del Pan, appears this shop that provides, sells and advises on all types of incenses and infusions. It is closely related and linked to Holy Week as it is an essential element of the brotherhood liturgy. This family, with a long tradition, works and pampers the resin that ends up scenting houses, shops, public spaces and religious celebrations. They have different shops spread around Seville, and a lot of experience because their father, Adolfo Fiances, began to set up this well-known incense stall in the 1980s.

Things to do in Seville

Seville is an incredible city, with an incomparable heritage, but also hides an infinity of corners, squares and enclaves that delight travelers: bridges over the Guadalquivir, squares, viewpoints, palaces, architectural beauties such as Las Setas, towers that rise imperial, monasteries, ruins, etc.. Its offer is almost unlimited, mixed with its gastronomic charm, and adding to this equation the religious tourism for the most devout people. And to savor both during the day and at night because, when there is no natural light, the artificial light arrives to provoke fascinating spectacles. Seville does not rest, and the city satisfies all the needs of the traveler.

As for the squares, always points of encounter, beauty and uneasiness, Plaza España stands out, located in the Park of Maria Luisa, the most famous, but we cannot forget Plaza America, Plaza Doña Elvira and Plaza Santa Cruz, Plaza de la Virgen de los Reyes and Plaza Triunfo or Plaza del Duque-Campana. Precious places, landscaped, that ooze history and that are an ideal meeting and rest spots to gather forces and to continue tasting Seville.

And then there’s the street, the getting lost, going through points of its historic center or its colorful neighborhoods without looking at the map, and without paying attention to coordinates. An experience without doubt pleasant and that oxygenates because, normally, we are pending to cover all the points of our trip as if they were duties and sometimes, we forget to enjoy. Seville, like the main cities of the south, are to be tasted. In the end, you will find the ideal moment both in a great monument and on a terrace that you have discovered after strolling aimlessly.

The city and the sunset from Las Setas

From the viewpoint of this modern and innovative architectural complex you can enjoy the best views of the city. This is the largest wooden structure in the world, located in Plaza de la Encarnación and has the shape of the mushroom that bears his name. 360º panoramic to almost 30 meters high to contemplate the splendor of the city.

The Barranco Market, variety and quality

It has a surprising gastronomic offer of more than 20 stalls and more than 150 culinary proposals to enjoy the entire food cycle: appetizers, tapas and exquisite and varied desserts. In addition, many events are held in this Market at any time of the year, either outdoors or indoors. Take into account that the outdoor space is the Terraza Sojo, which is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. A peaceful place to enjoy drinks and cocktails. The Barranco Market is a historical place designed by Gustave Eiffel which, from 1883 until 1970, was used as a fish market and wholesale fish market. A jewel that still has an incredible use for locals and tourists.

Cycling on the banks of the Guadalquivir

Although we have in mind cities like Amsterdam, which are a reference in terms of sustainable transport and the use of bicycles, Seville also has a considerable supply and demand. In fact, it registers almost 70,000 bicycle journeys per day on average. This shows us that both Sevillians and tourists love this two-wheels transport to connect paths and enjoy the city at the same time. The flat orography, the facilities provided by the City Council (such as a bicycle lane that runs along the entire river basin) and the bicycle rental services have contributed greatly to consolidate Seville as a city suitable for the use of two wheels.

Walking around the Triana neighborhood

Triana is a district with all the charm of Seville, it is the atmosphere that makes it authentic, because it does not have great tourist affluence and it is like a town within the city. It extends from the Cartuja to the Remedios district. One of the best plans when walking around this place is to have tapas in the bars with a view of the river from the Betis Street, where you can also get the perfect angle to photograph the city. Lose yourself in the food market is another must-see, the place is perfect to breathe the atmosphere of the neighborhood, in addition, the stalls are decorated with Sevillian tiles. To visit it means to taste the local culture.

Visit the Itálica archaeological site

It is an ancient Roman city located very close to Seville (7 km). In fact, it is the first city founded in Hispania, and also the first outside Italian territory. Cradle of the emperors Trajan and Hadrian. The main attractions, which give a glimpse of the magnificence of this city, are the theater, amphitheater and luxury mansions. A place where one breathes history and where the imagination transports us to places that at the time were sample of the power of an empire.

What monuments to see in Seville

Seville has a majestic, historical and grandiloquent atmosphere. Regarding this conception appears the Palacio de las Dueñas, a private residence owned by the House of Alba, which receives multitude of visitors due to its historical and architectural value. This magnificent 15th and 16th century building is located in the heart of the historical center. Another recommendation from Oway is the Real Casa de la Moneda, built in 1532 by Philip II and which was the place where the gold and silver that came from the Indies were melted, and that eventually would become coins.

Seville is simple and grandiloquent at the same time, monumental as well as easy going, majestic but also popular, and beautiful… tremendously beautiful. It is a fascinating city that you must travel and taste while dedicating the maximum possible time of your trip.

Can you imagine a beautiful place, surrounded by nature, where you can lose and immerse yourself in a state of relax and contemplation? You will find it in the Royal Alcazar, a monument of great beauty in which you can find and enjoy the full palette of colors. Declared a World Heritage Site in 1987, it has been the setting for films and popular tv shows such as Game of Thrones. A must-see place that highlights the fusion of cultures which have left their mark on the city. Its beautiful interior construction is divided into different palaces, such as the Gothic or the Mudejar ones. But its most interesting part is the gardens and their arches from which to contemplate the beautiful picture.

A momument that delights the thousands of tourists who visit it every season. Imposing vaults, the unique Colombina Library, and its pleiad of paintings, sculptures and stained glass are the main foundations of the Cathedral of Seville. Not to forget the Patio de los Naranjos, with a monasterial air and great charm. It is worth going through all the nooks and crannies of the Cathedral, its complete iconography, and letting yourself be impressed by the large number of historical and stylistic references that it treasures.

It is one of the symbols of Seville. It is almost impossible to imagine the city without this architectural elevation of 97.5 meters, tremendously recognizable in the whole world. The Giralda, an Arab monument, deserves a quiet and contemplative visit to savor both its interior and exterior face. It is part of The Cathedral complex and is perhaps its most precious jewel. We are not lying to you: the climb is not easy, especially on summer days, when the heat tightens, but we can also assure you that it is worth arrive up, after a while of dedication, and contemplate the beautiful views of Seville that the place provides us.

It is an albarrana tower on the banks of the river Guadalquivir. It has a height of 36 meters and was part of the great wall of Seville that defended the Alcazar. In its time it was covered with tiles, as well as a mixture of lime mortar and pressed straw, which produced golden reflections on the river, hence its name. It currently houses the Naval Museum, where you can see models, historical documents, engravings, nautical charts and navigation instruments.

It is one of the most spectacular and largest spaces in Andalusia. It has a semi-elliptical shape and takes a long time to go over. It is said to symbolize the embrace of Spain and its ancient colonies. Each Spanish province is represented in a tile in the heart of the square, and it is very common to take a photo with the tile immortalizing the moment. Tandems and other types of sustainable vehicles can be rented to pedal and taste the route in a more comfortable way. The central building is the headquarters of the Military Captaincy and at its ends there are two imposing towers many meters high. One of the main arteries of this Plaza España is a navigable estuary with small boats, which expands through 4 bridges representing the 4 ancient kingdoms of Spain.

The María Luisa Park is the most famous garden and the source of fresh air in Seville. Inside you will find wonders worth discovering on a long walk. If you want to get to know the garden in depth and not miss anything, we recommend that you spend a whole day strolling along its paths. It is an ideal place for a picnic so do not hesitate to pack some lunch and spend an incredible day surrounded by nature and Sevillian culture.

It is a baroque palace located in the Avenida de Roma, next to the Guadalquivir river. It was built to house the headquarters of the School – Seminary of the University of Mareantes, where orphans of sailors were sheltered. Later it became the headquarters of the Colegio de la Marina, where Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer studied. The Palace has had many uses throughout its history, now, after a rehabilitation, is used as the official seat of the Presidency of the Government of Andalusia. Its attractive baroque architecture, in the best Sevillian style, with towers in the corners, its gardens and interior courtyards, its Churrigueresque style façade and all the external ornamentation, make this Palace a must-see on your visit to Seville.

In the historic centre of Seville we can find the Plaza Nueva, a strategic point of the city, as it is a commercial and administrative area, where the Town Hall of the Andalusian capital is located. With a perimeter of 500 metres and a surface area of 14,000 square metres, it is one of the typical places to visit in the city, as it hosts trade fairs, concerts, festivities and during the Holy Week of Seville many brotherhoods pass through here.

With more than 20 museums that receive numerous visitors throughout the year, Seville is undoubtedly a cultural epicenter. The Museum of Fine Arts, inaugurated in 1841, is located in the Plaza del Museo. It is a fundamental place to get to know Sevillian Baroque painting and 19th century Andalusian painting. In addition to enjoying the art, the interior of the building offers interesting architectural spaces, such as courtyards, staircases and the church. A must-see if you like art.

Built in 1785 by order of King Charles III, this architectural jewel was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. To visit this place means to meet with the history of the Spanish overseas territories. In addition you will be able to relax in the wide and sunny central courtyard and to enjoy the details of the domes and columns of the building.

The Hospital of Venerables Sacerdotes in Seville is an ancient institution created in the 17th century to house elderly priests. In addition to being a place of great cultural and artistic interest, it contains the Velázquez Centre, where paintings by the Sevillian painter and other local artists are exhibited.

Italica was one of the great cities in Hispania (Spain) during the Roman Empire. Located between Hispalis (Seville) and Ilipa (Alcalá del Río), in what is now Santiponce, it is considered by many to be the Pompeii of Seville. With its more than 52 hectares it is a clear example of the power of the Roman Empire during that period.

Walking through the historic heart of the city of Seville we suddenly come across a wooden structure. If we don’t know anything about this place, we wonder what is this kind of material doing in the centre of a hot city? If you want to answer this question and find out more about this peculiar place, come and join us!.

This 18th century Catholic church, located in the Plaza del Salvador, is one of the largest churches in the city after the cathedral. An example of Andalusian Baroque, it was declared a site of cultural interest in 1985, where you can find Roman and Visigoth remains. A former mosque transformed into a cathedral that is a meeting place for Sevillians, who wouldn’t want to visit this relic with so many centuries of history?

The Andalusian capital has a lot of heritage elements of great beauty and uniqueness, among them this Baroque-style building built on a Catholic temple and which is currently a major tourist attraction in the city of Seville. Read on and you’ll learn all the information about the Magdalene Church.

The palace of Lebrija, in Seville, is one of the best visits you can make if you pass through this province. This house is one of the best in the whole city, with archaeological remains of great value, such as amphorae, columns vessels, etc.. Loaded with mosaics and decorative elements such as arches, of Arab inspiration, and with a typically Andalusian facade and plant, represents the most characteristic of this region and is undoubtedly one of the great treasures that you can not miss.

¨The Palace of the Marquises of Algaba, an incomparable setting for this journey into the past.¨ This is how the Seville Tourism website describes the headquarters of the Mudejar Centre. Dating from the 15th century, this building housed the life of a Sevillian family, the Guzmanes of The Algaba. In spite of its splendour and due to neglect, its disappearance was increasingly near, until it was refurbished in the 21st century. It witnessed a change in the thinking of the time.

Located between what is now Plaza Nueva and the Town Hall, this site was established as the “heart of the city” in the 16th century. The Plaza de San Francisco has always been a very important point in the history of Seville. For this reason, it is very unlikely that a visitor to the city will not end up in this place. Events such as the well-known autos de fe of the Holy Inquisition were held here, and to this day it is still a very important place. It is one of the main transit points for the Corpus Christi and Holy Week processions, and from here you can enjoy spectacular views of the Giralda. If you want to learn more about this famous Sevillian monument, OwayTours recommends you to visit our guide about the Giralda of Seville; where you can learn more about its history and curiosities.

Expo 92 in Seville was a universal exhibition held in 1992 in the city of Seville. It lasted 6 months, starting on 20 April and ending on 12 October, a date which coincided with the 5th Centenary of the Discovery of America, and its slogan, related to this event, was “The Age of Discoveries”. This exhibition also coincided with the 1992 Olympic Games held in Barcelona, so that both events meant a very important cultural and tourist enhancement for our country, which was reflected after the arrival of millions of visitors to the Andalusian city, which was placed on the international map as never before. If you want to get a more developed experience about the city; from OwayTours we recommend you to visit our blog about Seville; where we have a news blog where you won’t miss anything if you want to go to the Sevillian city.

Seville has an admirable monumental offer and sometimes we do not get to know the history of each of the monuments. Receiving thousands of tourists every year and considered of Cultural Interest and Historical Heritage of Spain, the Casa de Pilatos is one of the best Andalusian palaces. It is an Andalusian palace that perfectly combines the Mudejar style with the Renaissance style. It is covered with tiles and has impressive gardens that alone justify the visit. This palace was built at the end of the 15th century on the orders of the Adelantado of Andalusia, Don Pedro Enríquez, but was finished by his son, Fadrique, who is the one to whom the name Pilatos is due.

For most Sevillians, the Town Hall is the central building of the city’s capital. It is located in the Plaza Nueva and is the place where the mayor and councillors of Seville work for the future of the city. This building, however, is not only administrative or political, but also hides different architectural styles with a characteristic history, it is surrounded by myths and legends and contains impressive works of art that are unknown to most of the citizens of Seville.

Where to stay in Seville

Some of the best areas to stay in the city are the Alameda, the Macarena, Triana or the popular neighborhood of Santa Cruz. Also, the Arenal and San Bernardo are more than interesting areas. Each one has its own charm, and from OWAY we offer you a detailed proposal of which hotels can best adapt to your profile and your needs. In San Bernardo, for example, an area that occupies part of the historic center, some of the main attractions of the city can be found.

But staying in Seville is always a success and the budget will not be a big concern. It is a very well-prepared destination for tourism and, as you will see, there is a wide, rich and varied offer. Go ahead, we invite you to read the main recommendations.

Eme Catedral Hotel, the best views of Seville | 5 stars

Located in a 16th century building, this hotel is characterized by its modern design and incredible views of the Giralda and the Cathedral from the outdoor swimming pool. The Rooftop is probably the most spectacular terrace in the city, with the best panoramic view of Seville. It has 60 avant-garde rooms. A luxury for the senses.

Address: Calle Alemanes, 27

Telephone: 954 56 00 00

Website: https://www.emecatedralmercer.com/en

Eurostars Torre Sevilla, a tribute to the city | 5 stars

It pays tribute to the main symbols of the city and the local culture with its design. The access doors to the rooms have details reminiscent of traditional Sevillian dresses and other elements that define its idiosyncrasy. At 180.5 meters high, this hotel stands as the tallest skyscraper in Andalusia, from where you can appreciate the whole city. The Eurostars Hotel occupies the top 19 floors of the Seville Tower.

Address: Torre Sevilla, Gonzalo Jiménez Quesada 2

Telephone: 954 46 60 22

Website: https://www.eurostarshotels.com/eurostars-torre-sevilla.html

Hotel Zenit, what else could you ask for? | 4 stars

Why to choose Zenit Sevilla? This is a hotel located in the center of the city, in the Triana neighborhood, with a private courtyard with the most Andalusian aroma. In addition, it has family rooms to stay comfortably with your loved ones, swimming pool with incredible views from the terrace, and even a gym.

Address: Calle Pagés del Corro, 90

Telephone: 954 34 74 34

Website: https://sevilla.zenithoteles.com/es/

Hotel Ayre Sevilla, in front of the AVE station | 4 stars

It is the best option if you are looking for a hotel in the city, with very good connections (it is located right in front of Santa Justa train station, and perfectly communicated with the airport and the Palacio de Congresos): It offers countless possibilities to enjoy your stay in a placid way. In addition, it is a hotel committed to sustainable management.

Address: Av. de Kansas City, 7

Telephone: 954 91 97 97

Website: https://www.ayrehoteles.com/hoteles/ayre-hotel-sevilla/

Casa de la Judería, bathe in front of the Giralda | 4 stars

Crossing the doorstep of this hotel means entering into a special part of Seville. Into its different and intermingled rooms, patios, tunnels, interior alleys and beautiful gardens. Welcome to a different concept of hotel that will fascinate you. It also has an outdoor swimming pool on a rooftop, where you can contemplate the Giralda and the rooftops of Seville.

Address: Calle Sta. María la Blanca, 5

Telephone: 954 41 51 50

Website: https://www.lascasasdelajuderiasevilla.com/

NH Viapol, contemporary hotel in the financial center | 4 stars

Always a guarantee of reliability and comfort. This NH is located in the heart of the most entrepreneurial Seville, just 15 minutes walk from the historic center. It is also a haven of peace, despite being located in an area full of life, shops and restaurants. It has 96 rooms spread over 6 floors. All of them with warm tones and elegant wooden floors.

Address: Calle Balbino Marrón, 9

Telephone: 916 00 81 46

Website: https://www.nh-hoteles.es/hoteles/sevilla

Hotel Don Paco, because details matter | 3 stars

In the heart of the historic center, and 10 minutes from the Cathedral and the Giralda, is the Don Paco hotel, which is equipped with elegant rooms and parquet flooring. In this charming place they always take care of all the details and provide a perfect stay to the guests who arrive to live all the immensity of Seville.

Address: Plaza Padre Jerónimo de Córdoba, 4

Telephone: 954 50 69 99

Website: https://www.hoteldonpaco.com/en/

Patio de la Alameda, 19th century palace turned into a hotel | 3 stars

Another of the beautiful places that change our hotel concept. When opening its doors, three Andalusian patios full of flowers and magic appear. In addition, its 39 rooms are decorated paying special attention to the smallest detail. La Alameda is a peculiar and attractive urban space, with a bohemian air and a multitude of bars with terraces and cafes.

Address: Plaza Alameda de Hércules, 56

Telephone: 954 90 49 99

Website: https://www.patiodelaalameda.com/

Oasis Backpackers, hostel with beautiful views to Las Setas

This hostel satisfies all the needs of the travelers. First of all, it is situated in an elegant contemporary style house in the city center. It has a beautiful terrace overlooking Las Setas, and above it there is a pool service on the roof. All designed to provide a cozy and relaxed atmosphere with which to connect and establish synergies with other travelers. There are many types of rooms, ranging from 4 to 8 beds/bedrooms.

Address: Calle Compañía, 1

Telephone: 955 22 82 87

Website: https://oasissevilla.com/es/

For You Hostel, rooms of all colors

Built on a 17th century historical building, this hostel has 20 rooms with different capacities. They also have a charming Sevillian courtyard to lie under the sun, chat or do any other activity. It is a hostel that maintains tradition and modernity, and it is located a few minutes from the ‘Triana’ neighborhood, the Cathedral and the Torre del Oro. A natural and recovered environment that seeks to connect travelers and the city. There are rooms with 4, 6, 8 and 10 beds, with and without terrace.

Address: Calle Bailén, 15

Telephone: 954 32 15 30

Website: https://foryouhostels.com/es/sevilla-h-10

La Banda Rooftop, the perfect atmosphere for the traveler (youth hostel)

Creative and individual hostel that aims to create the perfect environment to remember your trip to Seville. The rooms have handmade wooden beds and offer 7 unique bedrooms for 40 people. Guests are provided with a unique experience. La Banda’s meeting place is on the rooftop and is the real heart of the hostel. At the end of each day, family dinners, cocktails and even live concerts are organized.

Address: Calle Dos de Mayo, 16

Telephone: 955 22 81 18

Website: https://www.labandahostel.com/

Where to eat in Seville

The question would rather be ‘where not to eat’. Eating tapas is the best routine in Sevilla, and can be satiated and covered at a good cost. Eating is even more pleasant than usually if you are in Andalusia. Gazpacho, pescaíto frito, cazón en adobo, soldaditos de Pavía, eggs a la flamenca, codfish with tomato, Andalusian cocido, oxtail, pincho moruno, snails (with chili peppers or garlic), huevas aliñás, serranito, pringá, spinach with chickpeas, etc. The amount of typical dishes is spectacular. From Oway we present you some of the places that better prepare some delicacies that we have already mentioned:

Las Golondrinas, authenticity in the Triana neighborhood

Hidden in a narrow street in Triana is this traditional and popular place, where are prepared, among other things, delicious sirloin tips. Excellent food at a very affordable price. Normally, the most pleasant gastronomic surprises appear in places without too much pomp, half hidden and almost going unnoticed. An obligatory stop to try also the ham caballitos, the Iberian carillada, the coasted codfish or the grilled mushrooms.

Adress: Calle Antillano Campos, 26

Hours: de 12h a 16:00, y de 20:00 a 0:00 todos los días

Telephone and website: 954 33 16 26 | https://www.barlasgolondrinas.com/

Las Coloniales, tradition and generous tapas

Spacious restaurant with pipeclay colored walls and marble tables in which the diners guests who go agree on pointing out the abundance of tapas and how tasty they are. Charming place, very varied and rich offer, and affordable prices. Dressings, platters, cold meat, fried and fish, tapitas and meats.

Address: Plaza del Cristo de Burgos, 19

Hours: de 12h a 00:00 todos los días

Phone and website: 954 50 11 37 | https://tabernacoloniales.es/

Bodega Santa Cruz, a classic

Very well known in Seville, it is still one of those popular places where the bill is written with chalk on the bar. An ideal place to snack and order a caña with a montadito de pringá or a tapa of cod tortilla. But that’s not all: the offer is wide: cod fritters, zucchini scrambled eggs or shrimp omelette.

Address: Calle Rodrigo Caro, 1

Hours: de 8h a 00:00 todos los días

Telephone and website: 954 21 86 18 | https://www.facebook.com/BodegaSantaCruzSevilla/

Taberna del Arenal, overlooking the Torre del Oro

The Arengalia group has in this place one of its last successful proposals: new and classic tapas, adjusted prices, good views from its terrace and a variety of wines to finish up the gastronomic experience. Artichokes with foie-gras, octopus salad or prawns with calamari are some of the delicacies that can be tasted in this tavern.

Address: Calle Almirante Lobo, 2

Hours: de 13:00 a 16:30h, y 20:00 a 00:00

Telephone and website: 954 22 11 42 | https://www.arengalia.es/tabernas/taberna-arenal

Mariatrifulca, the essence of Seville

‘Meloso’ rice with partridge, oysters or ox niguiri, while you contemplate the Cathedral and La Giralda from its spectacular terrace with views. How does it sound? An incredible restaurant, with unique surroundings and panoramic views. A place with good service and taken care, it is also recommended to taste the white chocolate eggs.

Address: Puente de Triana, esquina Plaza del Altozano

Hours: De 13h a 02:00 todos los días

Telephone and website: 954 33 03 47 | https://www.mariatrifulca.com/

Rio Grande, taste on the banks of the Guadalquivir

A unique place in the heart of Seville. Its cuisine offers traditional Andalusian dishes and other innovations paired with a wide selection of wines. The views that the place offers will allow you to live the most authentic atmosphere of the city, with its great monuments almost at your feet, while you taste dishes cared for, of own elaboration, cooked with a raw material of quality.

Address: Calle Betis, 69

Hours: from 13:00h to 16:30, and from 20:00 to 23:30

Telephone and website: 954 27 39 56 | https://riogrande-sevilla.com/

Kiosko de las Flores and its specialties of pescaíto

Located in the popular Betis street, in the famous Triana neighborhood and on the banks of the Guadalquivir, this charming place appears with a terrace to enjoy the best views of the city. The option of tasting a marinated dogfish, a gazpacho, or some eggplants with honey contemplating the Giralda sounds quite good.

Address: Calle Betis, 74

Hours: from 12h to 16:00, and from 19:00 to 23:30 every day

Telephone and website: 954 27 45 76 | https://www.kioscodelasflores.com/

Pelayo Bar, entre la tradición y la vanguardia

Además de degustar guisos tradicionales como la carrillada o la cola de toro y probar las frituras sevillanas más típicas, también se pueden encontrar platos innovadoras. Recetas menos convencionales combinadas con productos poco frecuentes que dan mucho fundamento a una carta variada. Cuenta también con una terraza con grandes vistas.

Dirección: Calle de Placentines, 25
Horario: de 12h a 00:00 todos los días
Teléfono y sitio web: 954 22 70 00 | https://www.pelayobar.com/

Pelayo Bar, between tradition and avant-garde

In addition to tasting traditional stews such as the carrillada or the oxtail, and tasting the most typical Sevillian fried foods, you can also find innovative dishes. Less conventional recipes combined with uncommon products that give much substance to a varied menu. They also have a terrace with great views.

Address: Calle de Placentines, 25

Hours: from 12h to 00:00 every day

Telephone and website: 954 22 70 00 | https://www.pelayobar.com/

Torres y García, the new rustic cuisine

That’s how they define themselves. It is a place with several atmospheres and decorated in the purest industrial – colonial style. There is a wood oven, they have an interior terrace and even offer cocktails and DJ service. Near the Maestranza, they offer quality tapas in an elegant, simple and original place.

Address: Calle Harinas, 2

Hours: from 13:30 to 00:00 every day, except Fridays and Saturdays when the night shift is extended half an hour.

Telephone and website: 955 54 63 85 | https://torresygarcia.es/

Perro Viejo, Andalusian soul that seduces the palate

A great gastronomic commitment to quality. Gourmet site, warm environment, modern and retro touches. The menu includes marinated sardines with portobello, dashi and crispy parmesan, as well as chicken yakitori with sautéed bulgur wheat or octopus with migas. The restaurant was awarded with the 2015 Gurmé Public Prize for Best Opening 2015. Passion, food, terrace, good atmosphere and much more.

Address: Calle Arguijo, 3

Hours: from 13:30 to 16:30, and from 20:30 to 00:00 every day

Telephone and website: 955 44 00 30 | https://www.tuhogarfueradecasa.com/perro-viejo/

Abantal, a restaurant with Star

Specifically, with Michelin Star. A restaurant with an intense history, that made a commitment to a well-prepared independent cuisine, based on the Andalusian tradition and the respect for high quality product. Chef and co-owner Julio Fernández Quintero painstakingly prepares each dish and has given his kitchen a modern and innovative style. Taste, creativity, texture, cooking, aesthetics and garnish.

Address: Calle Alcalde José de la Bandera, 7

Hours: from 14:00 to 16:00, and from 20:30 to 22:30. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Telephone and website: 954 54 00 00 | https://www.abantalrestaurante.es/

Activities in Seville

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When we talk about Seville, we cannot forget the Real Alcázar, one of the most spectacular monumental complexes that exist. Walls, fortresses, palaces and spectacular gardens are subjected to a long and paused gaze by anyone who visits the place for the first time, and will not want to leave. But Seville never ceases to amaze, it has the halo of a photogenic city, almost cinematographic, with many postcards and a continuous capacity to reinvent itself. Strolling through Plaza de España, arriving at La Giralda, watching a sunset from Las Setas (a huge wooden structure in the shape of mushrooms), satiating your appetite at the Barranco Market (a gourmet site with a total of twenty selected gastronomic stalls) or pedaling on the banks of the Guadalquivir. You can’t say that you are not thinking of sticking a thumbtack in Seville on your travel map.

Tours at Seville

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