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Ronda Guide

For many, it is the sweetest, most magical and attractive town in the province of Málaga.

Surrounded by white villages that dot the surroundings and nestled between mountains and mountain ranges, it emerges a small town of 40,000 inhabitants that combines nature with culture and the charm of its people. Its impressive gorge, turned into a magnificent natural watchtower to contemplate its views, is one of its main tourist attractions. An impressive jump of more than 100 meters of height that divides the city. Ronda turns out to have a dual soul: it has an Arab part and a more modern and updated part. In the old one, the streets are narrowed, the special corners are crowded and there are dozens of white houses inhabited for centuries by Arabs and Christians. On the other hand, in the new one the restaurants and the modern spaces are crowded.

Where to buy in Ronda

In Ronda you’ll find the perfect places to go shopping, whether clothes stores with the latest fashions, food stores with cheese, pork and wine, restaurants to eat or eat a snack and traditional establishments that represent faithfully the talented footprint of Ronda. La Calle de la Bola, which is known by that name, has as a real name “Carrera Espinel”. Some of the most important points that best channel trade and leisure in Ronda are La Calle de la Bola, La Calle Jerez, the area of the Alameda and Calle Armiñán.

Calle de La Bola and its comercial rush

It is popularly known by that name although the street is called Carrera Espinel and is located in the area of “El Mercadillo”. To the north of the old town, there is this commercial artery of the city with infinity of franchises, hustle and bustle, good atmosphere and some traditional shops that still provide their differential value. It receives the popular name of “La Bola” as an allusion to what some children did after a great snowfall in Ronda. This is a long and wide pedestrian street of approximately one kilometre long, which is divided into nine sections. You will find clothes stores, shops of all kinds, numerous restaurants and other more traditional remains that sell quality local product.

Among the many shops, one stands out for its originality: El Pensamiento which is an establishment that sells a kind of original and antique toys for adults that arouse the imagination. There are many curiosities within the reach of the traveler who allows himself to fall for this street of La Bola that is always alive. The main fashion and gastronomy chains have taken control but there are still spaces of originality and local singularity.

It can also be appreciated the buildings of more traditional styles, others with the typical Ronda forge balconies and important and eye-catching stone porticoes. Everything has a place and everything is mixed with sense, rationality and charm. The street beats to the rhythm of the most classic Ronda, with its houses from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and its stately coats of arms appearing on some facades.

Calle Armiñán and its surroundings

This is an artery where you can find many typical tourist souvenir shops that always cheer up and entertain a part of our trips, trying to find that detail to please the ones closest to us. This street is located in the historic and monumental area of Ronda known as “La Ciudad”. It is the longest and most important one in the old sector. It divides the old part into two parts. It starts from the iconic New Bridge and extends, including the slope and pronouncing in its final part, to the old walls surrounding the city. There are constant changes of alignment and small squares. Here we can find many gift shops, as we said before, also museums and restaurants of all kinds to adapt to the increasingly demanding and numerous demands. It is an artery of passage also to visit some of the outstanding places of Ronda.

You can also find traditional shops with a lot of charm such as ArtesamArt, a small establishment that emphasizes the value of handmade products, made by more than 70 people in the area who carve with great care and dedication. They don’t only offer wood, but also leather and a variety of other products. In addition, you can learn about the history and tradition of Ronda through a kind of interpretative panels in the local. They even offer workshops.

However, the positive thing is to let oneself be magnetized by the city and the charm of its streets. Walk through them with no more haste than the need to taste everything within your reach and stop at every traditional and also merely commercial corner of Ronda.

Things to do in Ronda

It is a place that offers a huge number of options. You can wander through the Plaza del Socorro and its surroundings, which is one of the busiest and most suitable places to have a snack and make a stop on the way. There are terraces and lots of places to socialize. You can also go down its walls until you find the elevation from which you can see its incredible landscape, as well as find some of its spectacular viewpoints that acts as natural watchtowers, such as the Balcón del Coño or Aldehuela. In addition, Ronda has a spectacular visual horizon: the Serranía, which covers three natural parks. Los Alcornocales (the last stronghold of Selva in Europe), Grazalema (another surprising space situated at a height of 1500 metres above sea level) and Sierra de las Nieves (where it is located one of the deepest caves in the world).

Besides the options that Oway offers you now, we also recommend you not to look away from the neighborhood of San Francisco which one of the most peaceful and idiosyncratic places in Ronda where children get mixed and they play in the street with the lifelong shops. Don’t forget to visit other beautiful villages in the province because, besides its amazing services, Ronda is an strategic place to end up visiting Antequera, Mijas, Frigiliana, Nerja or Marbella. You’ll be able to see the white villages that will also delight you.

Enjoy the views through its viewpoints

It stands out the Aldehuela and the Balcon del Coño Viewpoint. We begin with the last one, which is located in La alameda del Tajo. It is probably the best know and most renowned viewpoint. It has a funny name that with no doubt favors its memory. It is called Balcon del Coño because the first thing you say when you look out is something like “how hight is it, “coño”. Year after year of visitors, the recurrence has reached the point of baptizing this wonderful natural settlement as El Balcon del Coño. It has precisely the shape of a balcony and it rises above the nothingness. It is an architectural introduction to emptiness, an aside where you can contemplate the immensity of the mountains and take incredibly good pictures. Be careful with getting too excited so that you don’t drop your devices because you’ll be hanging directly from the wall. One of the most impressive views you’ll enjoy. On the contrary, Aldehuela’s is not that spectacular as taking a picture of yourself suspended in the air but it also has its charm and it impress. From a more comfortable position, you can appreciate the entire Ronda mountain range.

The Gardens of Cuenca in Ronda

In the cornice of the Tajo de Ronda there are different terraces that represent the gardens called Cuenca because it is a city that is linked with Ronda. They also defy gravity and once again provide incredible views over the canyon that presides the River Guadalevin. It is possible to visit and walk around them quietly, watching the different types of flowers, plants and smelling the amount of scents. It is a place that exudes peace and elegance and has a completely free access.

Contemplate the walls from the Arab quarter

The Arab area of Ronda is just beautiful, worthy of seeing and contemplating. It is not only beautiful for its walls, but also for its Islamic gates and other remains of a fascinating civilization from many points of view. The walls surround the city and are everywhere. Ronda is like a perfect fortification with a charming and elegant essence that is located on the heights and surrounded in a stony and ancient way. It stands out the Almocabar gate which is located in the south of Ronda. It is recommended to make a route bordering these walls that delimited the Muslim Medina and also end up climbing them to have a panoramic view of Ronda.

The magic of a city that is illuminated at night

If it already impresses in the daylight, imagine yourselves at night. Seeing the New Bridge and the most emblematic places illuminated is a pure joy. In particular, from the mills of the Tagus, which was built in the 13 th century and they are of Arabic style. This is from the foot of the gorge. Every night the bridge is illuminated to give a sensational image to a charming village.

What monuments to see in Ronda

Looking out over the most monumental Ronda is a glimpse into the past, an opportunity to submerge oneself in the past and see how the mark of time has forged a large part of the buildings with an Arab character. The most outstanding of them all and the one that gives the differential stamp to this beautiful town is undoubtedly the New Bridge, a gorge with 100 meters high that dominates Ronda and connects its two different parts. It is a walled town, with constant slopes, white houses and emblematic buildings such as the Palace of the Moorish King or Mondragon. One of the flags that flies with more passion and pride in the town is its old and charming bullring, which continues to be a very important tourist attraction for the region and for lovers of bullfighting at a national level. Let yourself be impressed by the course of history! From Oway, we recommend the main monuments of the town that should be visited:

It is a spectacular building with more than 200 years old and more than 100 meters high that impresses and impacts. It is the main symbol of Ronda, the postcard that it is always used to identify in a graphic and fast way this charming town of Malaga. The New Bridge communicates and serves as a link between the two souls/parts of Ronda: the most modern and the oldest with an Arabic touch. Around the bridges, there are viewpoints to enjoy the views in plenitude. It is one of the most attractive and wild natural gorges of the peninsula, forged by the action of the river Guadalevín after years and years of erosion.

It is undoubtedly one of the greatest attractions of Ronda. It is, next to Olot square, one of the oldest in Spain, if not the most. It is small, old, charming and it has been recently restyled and updated to adjust a little bit more to the current parameters. There is even a museum at the bottom. Also, the intention is to continue promoting the “goyescas” bullfights, one of the events that attracts more people to the locality. It is a celebration that aims to commemorate the first bullfights held in Spain with clothes of the past by the bullfighters and also the people who attend, dressed in different dresses of past times as well.

It was built in the middle of the 15th century. It gives the sensation of strength due to its sober and imposing appearance. Its walls and large buttresses give off an air of strength. It has 3 vaults inside, and different arches, ornaments and stained glass windows that give an added value. We need to highlight that in one of its side chapels, there’s a representation of the holy Burial.

It rises with nobility in the heart of the old town and has a spectacular terrace viewpoint with views of Ronda. It preserves its church almost intact and is divided into three naves. Currently, the building has been restored and is used as a Conference Centre for exhibitions and other events.

This is one of the most important places in your wonderful tour around Ronda. This is an 18th century palace that was built from the heights. You can’t actually visit it but you can visit its landscaped zones. There is also the possibility of descending its innumerable stairs to the base of the River Guadalevín, crossed by different stones and caves. This is the secret mine, a precious natural jewel, where the water was collected. For the price of 5 euros, you can see breathtaking views and explore a wonderful corner. Without a doubt, this is a hard descent and an even more expensive return, but the visit rewards the effort.

Inside this majestic Mudejar-Renaissance site houses the municipal museum of Ronda, which brings together and presents the history of the region in a site with three courtyards courted by beautiful gardens..

It is located on the outskirts, about 20 kilometers away from the town of Ronda. This site is made up of remains from the Roman period from the 3rd and 4th centuries B.C. It had a strategic value at the time, for its height on the ground and for its area of easy communication with other areas of the province. It was named Cultural Patrimony in the 30s, and among its ruins, it stands out its theater with its grandstand and its stage still appreciable despite the devastating action of time.

Outside the walled area and on the outskirts of the town centre, these baths have been preserved with great care since Muslim era. They are just situated outside because there was the maxim that every visitor entering the city had to do so in a clean way. They are located around an incredible natural environment, with great views and close contact with the dense vegetation of Ronda.

Where to stay in Ronda

In spite of being a small town, it has a tourist offer of amazing hotels that offer charm, comfort, privileged views and a dose of history in equal parts. There are different options in order to satisfy the different needs of every pocket. However, almost all of them are concentrated in the old town, in the neuralgic zone of Ronda with views to the New Bridge and with a great connection with all means of transport. The environment is privileged and any proposal is guaranteed. There are also rural hotels that can delight you and bring you closer to the beautiful nature of Ronda.

Hotel Montelirio, a dream about the Tajo de Ronda | 4 stars

It is a majestic 4-star 18 th century palace house. It is a charming hotel that is full of history. It is elegant and welcoming at the same time, and it has privileged views of Ronda. You’ll be impressed. It is located in the historic centre of the city. It also has the ideal environment to enjoy and rest. The rooms are taken care of in every detail, and they accomplish the requirements of elegance and usefulness. These rooms are cozy and fully equipped. Besides, the hotel has a publick parking although it is essential to make a prior reservation for it.

Address: Calle Tenorio, 8

Telephone: 952 87 38 55

Website: https://www.hotelmontelirio.com/

Parador de Turismo, and also of views and life | 4 stars

It is a privileged 4-star hotel located next to the emblematic New Bridge of Ronda. It has unique views over the Tagus, at a depth of 120 meters. Getting up while admiring the landscape and the immensity of the surroundings is almost priceless. At night, the city becomes even more beautiful. They have gardens with swimming pools and an endless number of comfort measures that will satisfy you desires for relaxation and holidays.

Address: Plaza España

Telephone: 952 87 75 00

Website: https://www.parador.es/es/paradores/parador-de-ronda

Hotel Catalonia, with the bull ring at your feet | 4 stars

Excellent location for this modern, sophisticated and elegant 4-star hotel. It also has a spectacular restaurant as the Panoramic, where you can see the immensity of the bull ring from its amazing terrace. The hotel Catalonia Ronda has 80 rooms of supreme comfort up to the point that many of them have balconies that offer views over the bull ring. Some of them even have small private swimming pools and while you shake the heat off, you can appreciate the bullfighter’s “capotazos”. There are others that can be adapted to the needs of larger families.

Address: Calle Virgen de la Paz, 16

Telephone: 952 87 03 00

Website: https://www.cataloniahotels.com/es/hotel/catalonia-ronda

Hotel Don Miguel, the support of Ronda | 3 stars

The experience that this hotel offers can be heady for the senses. You just have to imagine eating or having breakfast at the foot of the imposing New Bridge while contemplating the immensity of the outskirts of Ronda. You’ll be able to see how the mountain range of Ronda is drawn in the distance and how everything is bathed with the sun and the excellent temperature that Ronda has. This is a 3-star hotel that mixes quality, service and affordable prices in a perfect way.

Address:Plaza España, 4

Telephone: 952 87 77 22

Website: https://www.hoteldonmiguelronda.com/

Hotel Molino del Puente, improve your life and stay in Ronda | 3 stars

It is a 3-star hotel situated in the heart of the Serranía de Ronda, the city of your dreams. It is incredibly cozy and it is an hour away from other tourist attractions such as Jerez, Cadiz or Seville. It is run by a family and this hotel is situated only 5 kilometers away from the centre of Ronda. It is also an old 17 th century olive mill that has been renovated in order to make it easier for travelers to rest in 13 unique, elegant and romantic rooms. The rooms are spacious, with a terrace and views of the garden. It is a wonder.

Address: Partida Fuente de la Higuera, 7

Telephone: 952 87 41 64

Website: https://hotelmolinodelpuente.es/es

El Refugio Hostel, an unusual corner

This hostel contains very good reviews from its travelers. It is located about 20 minutes away from Ronda in a small town, which is bathed in white, called Cartajima. The place is surrounded by a spectacular nature for hiking, climbing, cycling or just walking and be captivated by the mountainous settlement. As soon as you walk in, you’ll find good music, good atmosphere, a picturesque spirit and very good vibes.

Address: Calle el Serrillo 1 | Cartajima

Website: https://es.hostelbookers.com/hostels/espana/ronda/184176/

Hostel Los Morales

This hostel was born with the desire to be a cultural meeting point for lovers of nature and sport due to its incredible strategic location. There are up to 3 natural parks surrounding Ronda (the park of Sierra de las Nieves, the Arconocales and the Grazalema). They have contributors who are experts in ornithology, professionals in the observation and sighting of different birds that can with no doubt guide us in the process. This hostel is situated in the city centre, just 100 meters away from the bus station, 250 meters away from the train station and 750 meters from the bull ring.

Address:Calle Sevilla, 51

Telephone: 952 87 15 38

Website: https://www.hotelmorales.es/

Where to eat in Ronda

Ronda has a lot to offer and obviously, as in every corner of Andalusia, gastronomy doesn’t stay behind. You can enjoy wines, oils, vegetables, cheeses, sausages, “el serranito”, “mollete” or “yemas del Tagus”. In short, it is a great selection of typical dishes and delicacies that the province offers. They are prepared to welcome tourism and to make it enjoy with its tapas recital. Here are some outstanding proposals that we offer from OWAY to make your stay in Ronda perfect. Aim well!

Las Maravillas, go for tapas in the street of La Bola

It is a nice, pleasant place where you can feel at home and eat very well thanks to the exquisite combination of tapas and dishes. The service is efficient, fast and friendly and it will make you want to come back even if you just spend a few days in the incredible Ronda. The name represents the essence of this place that offers a good bull’s tail, salt sea bass, broken eggs or mousse de foie among other delicacies.

Address: Carrera Espinel, 12

Schedule: Monday to Tuesday from 11:30h to 23:30h

Telephone and website: 666 21 94 62 | https://las-maravillas.eltenedor.rest/

La solera de Casa Ortega

This is an ideal restaurant for good tapas, located in the Plaza del Socorro, also known for its famous historic building “El Casino” or “Círculo de Artistas”, where Blas Infante signed the treaty of Andalusia in 1925. It is therefore situated at a nerve centre that exudes history in the city of Ronda. As far as the place is concerned, we are talking about a family business characterized by quality, proximity and service. It is a cuisine based on native products. They have a terrace, bar, living-dining room and a space for drinks.

Address: Plaza del Socorro, 17

Schedule:from 10h to 23h

Teléfono y sitio web: 952 87 90 93 | https://www.restauranteortega.es/

Taberna Café Tropicana, gourmet burgers

The local has been renovated and updated after being a referent in the 80’s. the burgers here are one of its main products, but they also offer a traditional cuisine with different tapas and meat of high quality. All is served and rounded with a great wine list that your sommelier can select to season your feast. In addition, they also have salads, toasts, rations and the mentioned above, gourmet burgers. They even have organic meats.

Address: Avenida Malaga & Calle Acinipo

Schedule: they do two shifts, from 12:30 to 15:30 and from 19:30 to 22:00. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Telephone and website:952 87 89 85 | https://www.tabernatropicana.com/

Bodega San Francisco, eating in front of the Arabian walls

Rations, sausages, tapas, different scrambled eggs (potatoes, asparagus or mushrooms) or grilled meats. Everything is sautéed with a large selection of wines made in the province. It is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Ronda and it is called Barrio de San Francisco, and it is set in a area of special scenic attraction. Traditional gastronomy and personal touch. They also have catering service for company dinners, baptisms and weddings. They offer outdoor tables to enjoy the food while contemplating the walled views of Ronda.

Address: Plaza Ruedo Alameda, 32

Telephone and website: 952 87 81 62 | https://www.bodegasanfrancisco.com/es/

Pedro Romero Restaurant, acclaimed for its bull’s tail

This is an essential place to eat in Ronda. Migas, bull’s tail and dishes from the mountains have a room in the traditional restaurant with tiles and bullfighting decoration. In fact, more than 1000 posters and photos related to the world of bullfighting from its beginnings to the present days are exhibited here to the delight of the visitors. Among those pictures we are able to see some of the most important leading figures like Romeros or the Ordoñez. Some of their specialties are the stewed partridges, “carrillada” with mushrooms or beans with chorizo. They have fresh products, traditional cuisine and good wine in order to accompany the food. It offers gastronomy, art, tradition and culture.

Address: Calle Virgen de la Paz, 18

Schedule: two shifts, from 12h to 15:30 and from 19h to 22:30h

Telephone and website: 952 87 11 10 | https://www.rpedroromero.com/cocina.php

Santa María Restaurant, referent of Ronda

The good opinions of its clients launch to fame this place, placing it in one of the best restaurants, mainly by the quality of its food and its excellent and close treatment. It is a family restaurant that cares and spoils its range of products. The atmosphere is warm, traditional and incredibly cozy. It is located in the historic centre of Ronda.

Address: Calle Armiñán, 40

Schedule:two shifts, from 12h to 15:30h and from 19:00 to 21:30h. closed on Saturdays. On Sundays from 16h to 21:30h.

Telephone and website: 952 87 60 99 | https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mes%C3%B3n-Bar-Santa-Maria/519965391379127

Puerta Grande Restaurant

Some of the delicacies that can be found in this Andalusian gastronomy restaurant that is specialized in bull’s tail are the “migas rondeñas”, crispy black pudding with apple, “puchero malagueño” or “porra antequerana”. In other words, in Puerta Grande you can find the best traditional and homemade Andalusian cuisine. Everything has a real pure decoration of the city. You get the best of the land that invites you to taste a unique gastronomic experience.

Address: Calle Nueva, 10

Schedule: two shifts, from 12h to 15:30 and from 19h to 22h. Closed on Sundays. On Saturdays from 12h to 15h.

Telephone and website:952 87 92 00 | https://restaurantepuertagrande.com/

Activities in Ronda

Discover all the activities to do in Ronda in the following link.

It is also interesting the neighborhood of San Francisco, one of the most authentic places in Ronda where its past traces can be seen. Monuments, contact with the purity of the surroundings, charming people and good food complete a first X-ray of Ronda. We cannot forget its perfect location: just 45 minutes from the Costa del Sol and an hour and a bit more from beautiful cities such as Seville, Cordoba, Granada or Cadiz. Ronda may not be just a magnificent ending or a colophon to your stay in Andalusia. It doesn’t have to end and it can be followed by a long, productive and pleasant holiday in the south of the peninsula.

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