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Mysteries and Legends Cordoba


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Get to know Mysterious Cordoba

Delve into the stories and legends of one of the oldest cities in Europe. A local guide will show you historical places where events took place that will leave you in awe.

Cordoba Free Tour itinerary

We’ll start at Cordoba City Hall with stories that will leave you speechless. We will walk under the cover of night into the city centre, where all kinds of dark stories await us.

We will continue to the Church of San Pablo, where we will learn about events full of tension. We will move on to the Palace of Orive, dating from the 16th century, where it is said that the ghostly figure of a woman can be seen wandering around.

And no less will be the legend of Magdalena de la Cruz and her relationship with the devil. In Santiago, the area of the witches, we will discover how this nun made a pact with him, as well as more disturbing stories with more women as protagonists.

From this point, we will go to the Plaza de la Corredera, where you can still hear the cries of the so-called Autos de fe, a practice that took place in the centre of the square and consisted of hanging and burning all those condemned for heresy in Christian times. In addition, in this night Free Tour we will go into the Axerquia of Cordoba, starting with the Plaza del Potro, famous for being a meeting point and resting place for merchants in medieval times. There is still talk of the legends of the Posada del Potro, a place that was marked by strange murders, dead people hidden underground and romantic stories full of tragedy.

We will go to the heart of Cordoba, to the Mosque-Cathedral, with stories that will leave you speechless. The temple hides investigations, little known tombs, cemeteries in the courtyard, events full of tension and is, in general, an open book of the history of Cordoba. We will end our tour at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, where a hospital once stood. In this part of the tour we challenge you to listen to the psychophonies recorded in the building, do you dare?

Free Tour Mysteries and Legends Cordoba: schedule of guided tours

If you are passionate about legends and mysteries, this night tour will amaze you. You can enjoy the best Free tour of Legends in Spanish at 18:00h or 20:00h. Always from the Town Hall Square.


For groups of 6 or more people, please request a private group and we will assign you an exclusive guide. More information.

The Free Tour Mysteries and Legends of Cordoba is free, so there is no set price. We prefer that you determine the price of the tour once it is finished, depending on the guide’s effort and your satisfaction at the end of the route.

Visita guiada

Official Tourist Guide


Tour of the most mysterious places in Cordoba during 1'30h


It does not include the interior of monuments

Meeting point and how to get there

The visit will start at the Town Hall Square

How to get there

From the train or bus station:

  • Bus number 3 to the stop called “Alfaros (Alfonso XIII)”.

By car:

  • Car park in the historic centre: C/ Sevilla, 5.
  • Parking downtown area: Paseo de la Victoria s/n”.

If you are unable to attend, please contact us so that other participants can make the visit.

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