Guide of Seville

A dream city that has everything you need to travel and get carried away

It is a dream city that has everything someone needs to travel and let oneself be carried away: historical points, good places to eat, quiet and festive atmospheres, lots of colors, tradition, beauty, and neighborhoods with a lot of idiosyncrasy, such as Triana. Probably the most special part of Seville. Only by stepping into this neighborhood, you can already feel the magic and charm that it gives off. Whether between its bars, its people or the landscapes. Watching the sun go down from the Triana district while you stroll or have a drink on a terrace is one of the most beautiful things any traveler can do in the south of Spain.

When we talk about Seville, we cannot forget the Real Alcázar, one of the most spectacular monumental complexes that exist. Walls, fortresses, palaces and spectacular gardens are subjected to a long and paused gaze by anyone who visits the place for the first time, and will not want to leave. But Seville never ceases to amaze, it has the halo of a photogenic city, almost cinematographic, with many postcards and a continuous capacity to reinvent itself. Strolling through Plaza de España, arriving at La Giralda, watching a sunset from Las Setas (a huge wooden structure in the shape of mushrooms), satiating your appetite at the Barranco Market (a gourmet site with a total of twenty selected gastronomic stalls) or pedaling on the banks of the Guadalquivir. You can’t say that you are not thinking of sticking a thumbtack in Seville on your travel map.

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