Guide of Granada

A city with a lot of charm in southern Spain

There are few cities in the south of Spain with more charm than Granada, a settlement where culture, excellent gastronomy and beautiful landscapes go hand in hand. The possibilities of the city are endless. You will go from visiting the entire Alhambra to contemplating the city from the Mirador de San Nicolas to enjoying a walk and an ice- cream or a tapa and a beer on a terrace when the sun goes down. Every plan, whether it is more or less elaborate, makes another sense in Granada. There are really few more ideal places to get lost and get lost.

The culinary theme in Granada is aúpa. We are talking about an extraordinarily rich, varied and affordable place to eat. Even the most ramshackle and hidden place in the streets of Granada can offer us some pleasant surprises. There are also other streets exclusively full of places where you eat a delicious fried fish and in which the lively and cheerful atmosphere does not leave anyone indifferent. But the tapas repertoire goes further: aubergines with honey, salmorejo, marinated dogfish, etc. Not to mention the bull's tail that is offered in places whose name and decoration are closely related to bullfighting.

Mainly, Granada is exchange, colourful, animated talks and a series of visual perspectives that will delight you and your friends. The Albaicín, the Sacromonte and the different viewpoints are presented as natural watchtowers from where you can contemplate the beauty of Granada, either in the morning where the views are sharp and clear, or at night when the Alhambra is illuminated and the lights end up drawing a huge Bethlehem. Granada has something special, a mysticism that wraps you up from the moment you get lost in its streets. You can also contemplate every corner of the Alhambra taking a moment to appreciate the details of its architecture and its leafy vegetation. You will be able to sit on stone benches while you admire its precious patrimony. There is just one Granada and you have to live it.

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