5 Reasons to visit Córdoba

14 December, 2018
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To visit the city of the Three Cultures is an authentic experience for all your senses.

The history in form of monuments, the immortal legends or the gastronomy with millennial heritages are part of the views which receive the visitor.

In OWAY TOURS, as tour guides in Córdoba, we always are discovering places and stories waiting to be telling. For all these things, the city of the flowers and the flamenco is an obligatory stop if you are visiting Andalusia.

Would you like to know our favourites reasons to visit Córdoba for free? Today we are showing you our secrets…you cannot miss it!

1. Because of city’s charm

We know, this is a general idea…but the Cordoba’s charm is just a feeling that you can know if you visit the city.

No matter the history that we tell you about his walls, legends or the azahar smelling filling the streets; you only know this charming feeling walking through the streets, touching the marvel of its Mosque or you can be carried along by the Sephardi music.

2. Because of the gastronomy

And no, this is not any gastronomy: this is a cultural heritage in forma de tapas, dishes and desserts.

Could be the millennial cultures an influence in the actual gastronomy? Yes and in Córdoba, everything is possible…the Salmorejo, the Migas, Flamenquin and everything that you will try is going to surprise you.

Go on “tapas” in the historical site of Córdoba is an incomparable experience. We recommend you – and also to do a bigger hook in your belt.

3. Because of its millennial history and monuments

Could be coexisting in the same city a Mosque, a Synagogue and a Christian Alcazar? It could seem a joke but no. we are telling you about Córdoba where nowadays you can be witness of the coexistence of the three most important cultures: Jewish, Christian and Muslim.

In this way, along the city you can observe this visceral miscegenation in form of monuments, squares, art, traditions and sounds in form of music. All that you senses needs for an amazing experience.

In addition, do you know that the Caliphal City of Medina Azahara has just mentioned as World Heritage by the UNESCO? With this incorporation Cordoba become one of the most important patrimonial exponents of the UNESCO.

4. Because of its Patios

Considered world heritage by the UNESCO, they are a legacy of the roman and the Muslim civilization, who were living surrounding these courtyards to tolerate the hot temperature.

In this way, courtyards have as the central part a beautiful fountain or a well, plenty of flowers and colours were creating all this culture around and… Do you know anything about the Patios Festival?

During May, the festival of Patios is opening every gate to admire the splendour of their flowers. This is one of the most important festivals during this month.

5. Because of its legends

The legends of Córdoba are part of the history of the city, even nowadays a lot of tour are organised just to know better these mystery stories.

The Spanish Inquisition in the Corredera Square and its Autos de Fe (Inquisition hearings). Medieval witches in the labyrinthine Santiago Neighbourhood. The haunted building of the Faculty of Law…they are just come of the legends that we could tell you.

As you can see, here you have some reasons to visit Córdoba and although we are telling you only five of them, a lot of them exist. You can discover them visiting our city… Will you dare to do it?



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