Restaurants in Seville in Michelin Guide 

Seville is wonderful, not only for all its monuments, its charming places, its hidden corners or its art and culture that will make you can not forget this corner of Andalusia but also because it has a gastronomy that will make you fall in love, in the purest Sevillian style. 

In addition to all these little details that make this place special, it has restaurants that are in Michelin guide for being modern and innovative, with the best chefs in Andalusia.

If you are a lover of gastronomy in all its facets you are in the right place to learn a little more about the best restaurants in the famous Michelin guide. Pay attention and learn from this small guide with the best recommendations!

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Restaurant with the Torre del Oro in the background


Abantal Restaurant 

If you are a lover of gastronomy together with modernity, we advise you to visit the restaurant Abantal, the only one in Seville that has a Michelin star.

This restaurant meets the requirements to have a star of this caliber because the chef Julio Fernandez Quintero has taken care of this place with great affection and to make the best dishes to surprise you in every bite you take. 

In addition, this place combines modern and avant-garde cuisine, with traditional and creative nuances. 

A modern, warm, open and luminous local style so that all your senses are put in this experience. 

Before you go, you should call to book and inform yourself well, as it is very well received in the city and there are many people who want to visit it. 

We advise you not to stay at the doors of this wonderful place located in the capital of Andalusia, you will want to repeat without any doubt!

Prices and specialties 

Its average price is 80 euros, and you will also find a tasting menu that if requested will allow you to try some of Abantal’s best dishes. 

The chef Julio Fdez Quintero has some specialties on the menu that we advise you, such as: the salmorejo of plums with marinated mackerel and the torrija of pig’s trotters stuffed with mushrooms or the famous mashed celeriac and foie. 

Do not hesitate and visit it!


Sobretablas Restaurant

This place was crowned as the novelty of the city in 2019, the Michelin guide says that it is evident the interest of people to know it for its magnificent culinary interest and its added aesthetics. 

Located in a small neighborhood of Seville called: El Porvenir and included in a villa in the same neighborhood. 

The protagonists of this place met in El Celler de Can Roca. We add to this, that the chef Camila Ferrero tries to show some current dishes and with small influences of traditional and regional cuisine of the area, in addition, highlights his personality in each of his works. 

The best thing about this place, besides the food, are the prices as they are quite adjusted and will allow you to try whatever you feel like at an economical price. 

A small curiosity of this place is the dining room that has a wonderful terrace. It has been modernized and decorated with plants and flowers in every corner. If you are cold on the terrace you will always have the option to open and close the roof.

What are you waiting for?

Prices and Specialties 

The best thing about this place, in addition to the gastronomy it offers, are its prices, since they have tried to make them quite economical.

The prices range between 15 and 30 euros being quality dishes that will allow you to know in depth the typical Sevillian food fused with modern touches. 

This place has many dishes that you will want to try as soon as you have the menu in front of you but we recommend some that are highly valued by customers such as: Shoulder of lamb with eggplant and sage, veal sweetbread with parmentier and pickles, rice topped with duck magret grilled or tuna belly glazed with white garlic and souffled quinoa.


Restaurant DELI (Montellano)

This wonderful place has very special characteristics because thanks to the love for traditional cuisine has been able to carry out this house.

This restaurant is a family business that has transcended in time for three generations. It has always tried to take care of local products and contribute to the economy of the area. In addition, the local products are considered more ecological.

They have tried to recover many dishes of the area that have been lost over time, from the Andalusian era. 

In this place stands out its mellow rice with partridge, the famous snails burgaos in sauce of almonds and ñoras or its natural artichokes. 

Prices and Specialties 

The Deli restaurant has prices a little higher than the one mentioned above. But do not worry because you will have the opportunity to taste very exquisite and special flavors.

The average price of this restaurant is approximately 19 euros. 

As you can see, they are not exorbitant prices and we assure you that it will be worth it as long as you try specialties such as Arroz caldoso con perdiz, Cola de toro estofada, Alcachofas naturales con jamón ibérico or some of their desserts such as: Almond and pumpkin tart or Figs confit with rum and honey.


Az-zait Restaurant 

Its name comes from the Arabic word meaning “olive juice” (oil). You will find a perfect and magnificent hall, where you will have the opportunity to “tapear” in the purest Sevillian style to your liking. You will have the opportunity to visit and get to know its two classically inspired rooms and a very careful service. With details such as the cheese trolley, no more and no less. 

Az-zait has a very curious menu for how small it is, but it is very original for how traditional and international it is; with many modern touches and from other places. 

In the menu you will find three tasting menus that will vary depending on the number of dishes. 

We recommend the low temperature egg with octopus and truffle, you won’t regret it!

Prices and Specialties 

In this place the prices range between 10 euros – 30 euros. We assure you that when we tell you some of their specialties you will not want to miss them.

They have three types of menus: gastronomic menu (5 courses) with a price of 36 euros per person; chef’s menu (6 courses) with a price of 38.80 euros; and tasting menu (8 courses) and with a price of 48.80 euros. 

Some of their most special dishes are: Low temperature egg with octopus and truffle oil, cheese and shrimp stuffed bag, dried tomato and mozzarella ravioli, grilled dried octopus from Adra or roasted foie gras with apples and port sauce.

Image of a Seville restaurant


Restaurant El Gallinero de Sandra 

Before going to this place, the name already gives us some notions or clues of what we can find in it. 

But you will be very surprised once you are inside because, following the thread and the wake of the name of the place, its decoration is closely linked to the chickens. It is focused with great elegance and spontaneity.

As for the gastronomic, you will find quite current cuisine with a very modern trend as it tries to merge the dishes with each other.

Their prices are very competitive, but also affordable for those who decide to visit the chicken coop. 

Prices and Specialties 

The price range of the henhouse of Sandra, oscillates between 20 euros – 35 euros, prices very similar to all those that we have been mentioning until now and we give you our word that you will not regret to visit it.

This restaurant has very traditional dishes but fused with modern touches that will help you discover a world of flavors that perhaps you did not know. 

Some of their dishes are: the starry eggs, the pigeon and guinea fowl rice from Las Landas or the delicious, homemade red shrimp croquettes, Iberian prey with potato and ham foam and the sweet Ganache of white chocolate and avocado.


Ispal Restaurant 

The name of the place means “flat land”. The guide consider this place a safe bet as it tries to exalt at all times the Sevillian cuisine.

It corresponds to a quite modern cuisine as well as traditional. In addition, it plays with the flavors of the food and its textures, looking for the perfect balance to make their dishes “a stroll through the Mediterranean”. 

Prices and Specialties 

The prices of this place are the same as the previous ones, oscillating approximately in a price range of about 25 euros-30 euros. Here you should keep in mind that not only the price matters, but the products are quite ecological and local. 

On this occasion we recommend their famous garlic prawns and Mariposas del Cantábrico anchovy toast with Italian Romano cheese. 


Matsuri Restaurant

Opened in 2008 by the hand of the master Okawa San. This place, in addition to its predilection for traditional cuisine and its meticulousness to make the most original dishes of the city. Bet on traditional Japanese cuisine, focusing all its offers proposed in the famous makis, sashimis and nigiris. They also offer hot dishes and tempuras.  

This place every day is visited by many people. We recommend that if you want to go you should call to make a reservation.

Prices and Specialties 

This place of traditional Japanese food has many specialties and among them are sushi and beef tataki, gyozas and nigiris are also part of the house specialties, as well as their noodles or cocochas tempura pil-pil.

Normally Japanese food usually has high prices but this Japanese in love with Seville has chosen to put prices that are affordable for everyone.

Its price range ranges between 20-30 euros and are usually quite abundant dishes, so we can assure you that by its characteristics and taste you will not stay hungry.

Japanese Restaurant


Restaurant El Disparate

We have left this place for the end because it is one of the most curious gastrobars you will find in the city. It has no bar, it has some tables with a very impressive terrace.

In this gastrobar the traditional Andalusian cuisine predominates. The idea of the place is directed towards a very Sevillian attitude such as sharing.

Prices and Specialties

Before we finish we want to advise you some of the specialties of this gastrobar lost in Seville that you will fall in love with. Such as Cantabrian anchovy 00 on roasted eggplant bread, foie terrine with pumpkin and kumquats with pink pepper, Hawaiian Poké or salad of lettuce hearts, chicken confit, blue cheese and apple. 

Their prices range from 15 € – 35 €, not too expensive for the dishes you will taste.

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