6 Activities to do in Malaga with Children

It is not a surprise that in Malaga you can do many things. And not only plans for adults. The youngest ones can also enjoy many plans with the family in this wonderful city. Keep on reading to discover a list where we show you what to do with children in Malaga.

Day at the beach

Without a doubt, enjoying Costa del Sol is part of the trip itinerary. Enjoying the sand, the sun and the waves is always a perfect plan. The children will enjoy playing while the family relax themselves or venture out to see who can jump the waves the most. As if that weren’t enough, to recharge your batteries on a day of excitement there is the option of trying out the different fried fish in a chiringuito – what a wonderful place! In addition, the beach is very close to the most important places in the city, don’t forget that we offer the Malaga Free Tour to get to know the city. What a wonderful place!

Fried fish Malaga

Visit museums

A visit to a museum is a great opportunity to stimulate the curiosity of the children, so that they can learn while having fun. In Malaga there are many museums to enjoy, according to our interests. 

Automobile and Fashion Museum

In this case, we mention the Automobile and Fashion Museum in Malaga, where a private collection of more than a hundred vehicles is presented. You can enjoy seeing everything from a Mercedes to a Ferrari. 

Aeronautical Museum

If your children are more passionate about aeroplanes, we recommend that you visit the Aeronautical Museum. It is located at Malaga Airport. The children will be able to learn everything from how the staff’s uniforms have changed, to interacting with a black box or the controls of an aircraft itself. Without doubt we believe that this is an experience that will leave both children and parents open-mouthed.

Interactive Music Museum

The Malaga Interactive Music Museum stands out from the rest of the collections, as it is one of the most complete one in Spain. Here you can enjoy the wonderful world of music in family. The interaction with a multitude of instruments stands out, as well as the journey through different periods, countries and cultures that has led to music being known in the way we do nowadays. It has a practical dynamic that will entertain the little ones. This museum is located in the heart of the city, you cannot leave without seeing the most wonderful corners of the historic center, and of course, our Malaga Guided Tours is the best option for it.

 Women visiting museums in Malaga

Parque de la Bateria

The Parque de la Bateria is a destination where fun is 100% guaranteed. It is located in Torremolinos (Malaga). It has many attractions, such as ponds with little boats for a pleasant boat tour, a playground for children to spend time playing quietly and, also important, calm places for parents to sit and rest while enjoying the joy of the little ones and the green landscape.

Girl swinging on a swing Malaga

Visit Nerja

Nerja, with no doubts, is among the destinations in Malaga to visit and will not leave you indifferent. 

Nerja Cave

In this list we highlight the Nerja Cave, on the outskirts of the city. It was discovered in 1959. It is a totally different experience to enjoy with the family. The little ones will be fascinated by the large stalagmites and stalactites and, most importantly, after the visit they will learn to distinguish them. For parents who love nature, it is a perfect plan. Besides, if you take advantage of the free time tickets, the experience will be fantastic.

 Caves of Nerja Malaga

King’s Walk

For the most adventurous parents, doing the King’s Walk can be an adrenaline filled and exciting experience. A few years ago the road was remodelled, making the journey safer and allowing you to enjoy the landscape in a more relaxed way. It is important that you book your tickets before the trip, as it is a very active activity and it is necessary to book your tickets in advance.

 People doing Caminito del Rey in Malaga

Júzcar, el pueblo pitufo (Smurf Village)

If the experience of the King’s Little Way seems crazy to you, don’t worry, we adapt to all tastes. In this case, we propose a relaxed visit to the well-known Pueblo pitufo (Smurf Village). The village is actually called Júzcar, but the inhabitants have let it be known as Pueblo Pitufo so that the more curious can be attracted. And it’s not for nothing. The villagers ventured to paint the facades blue to publicise the film and, from that moment on, it has been a non-stop stream of tourists and visitors. In addition, in recent years they have spent part of the money on its maintenance and, as if that were not enough, they have created a children’s park where the enjoyment of the little ones is more than guaranteed.

Malaga offers a lot of possibilities to enjoy. This is a small list in which we recommend some of the plans to enjoy with children. Oway Tours has extensive experience in the organisation of special itineraries, so get informed and don’t miss out on any plans you can enjoy!

 Blue houses in Malaga

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