Citadel of Malaga: The Symbol par excellence

Talk about Malaga is Talk about her fortress, a fortress inherited from the Muslim times which in Arabic means Citadel.

In the foothills of the mountain Gibralfaro, the still existing beauty of this fortress shows the defensive nature of the citadel against invasions.

Thus, in addition to an unparalleled history, the Alcazaba offers panoramic views as a result of the privileged situation: in front of the Roman Theatre and the Customs building, and in the background the bullring, the mall and the hustle and bustle of the port.

Renaissance, Christian and Muslim crossing and enclave. Icon of Malaga and part of its living history … this is just the cover letter of the Alcazaba: one of the treasures of the city of light par excellence.

Do you want to know more about this enclave? Today at Oway we take you on a trip through the curiosities and history of the Alcazaba … Let’s start?

The Muslim citadel par excellence

With a construction dating from the eleventh century at the behest of the Berber taifas king of Granada, the considered Arab citadel was located in a perfect defensive environment such as the elevated profile of Mount Gibralfaro. This strategy and the walls would offer protection for centuries and would remain in good condition until the 18th century.

Thus, the Alcabaza and its current conservation place the monument as one of the best preserved defensive fortresses in Spain.

The typical defensive elements of the Arab constructions are the crenelated walls, arrow-holes, albarrans towers and matacanas (projecting windows), that are conserved in the Alcazaba.

Technical advances

Although disappeared today, it was dominating a neighbourhood that offered unprecedented advances for the time such as a sewer system and latrines in homes with fecal evacuation systems.

Route Citadel of Malaga: What will you find?

With several differentiated terraces that had different uses, the robust exterior encloses the delicacy of the gardens and courtyards that allow you to relax with the privileged views of Malaga in the background.

With several renovations throughout the centuries, one of the most disruptive was the one carried out after the Reconquest by the Catholic Monarchs

Residence and vacation centre of personalities, historical enclave and now one of the most visited places in Malaga, and it is not for less.

Parts of the interior enclosure

Main square

Arches Gate

Alcazaba Palace | With the Granada room among other interesting rooms

• 11th-century Arab housing neighbourhood

•Tower of tribute

Visit the Alcazaba de Málaga: practical information

The Alcazaba, far from being a static monument, offers the possibility of immersing itself in its essence through routes that transport to its time of splendour, when Malaga dominated the administrative, social and defensive hierarchical level.

From Oway, if you have the opportunity, we recommend the night visit, an unforgettable experience.

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