Fosforito Flamenco Center in Cordoba

El Fosforito. A name unknown to the vast majority of travelers, but known to flamenco lovers, the art that brings together the essence of the most racial Cordoba.

El Fosforito is one of the most prolific flamenco singers that the city of Cordoba has ever witnessed, and this museum is a living tribute to the artist’s legacy. But that is not all, the Fosforito Flamenco Center is an honor and a way of giving life to flamenco: the true spirit of Cordoba.

Activities and guided tours. Tribute evenings. Exhibitions. A historical environment. These are just some of the things that you will find in the Fosforito Flamenco Center: one of the many icons of the three cultures city.

A place for the most precious art

In a privileged setting -in the middle of Potro Square- and in an iconic dwelling -Posada del Potro (Inn of the Colt)- this museum is articulated as a “Multidisciplinary space dedicated to the exposure of flamenco and to the figure of the flamenco singer Antonio Fernández ‘Fosforito’ promoted by the Cordoba City Council” as indicated on its official website.

In order that, starting from this premise, this cultural center located in a popular dwelling from the 14th and 15th centuries, becomes a reference point for the past, present and even for flamenco, not only in Cordoba, but also in the world.

One place, two tributes

The same space shares two main axes.

  • The Inn of the Colt: With the essence of a Renaissance neighborhood house, this is a neighborhood house articulated around a courtyard, an emblematic place in the coexistence and culture of Cordoba.

The courtyard of the Inn of the Colt was one of the Cervantes’ favorite places, where besides to hosting, it served as inspiration for some of his works.

  • Tribute to Antonio Fernández, Fosforito: This is one of the most universal figures in flamenco.

 What will you find on your visit?

The Inn of the Colt–Fosforito Flamenco Center is a unique enclave of its nature, not only in Cordoba, but also in the world. Principally for its work of interpretation, promotion and exposure of the art of flamenco.

Therefore, during your visit, in addition to enjoying the impressive Courtyard House at a visual and perceptual level, you will be able to discover the essence, birth and evolution of flamenco, as well as its distinctive elements and symbols.

Visit Fosforito Flamenco Center: An unforgettable place

As you will see, this is a mandatory stop on your visit to the city of light.

If you can, we recommend you consult their schedule to coincide with some of their activities, to enjoy flamenco, the true inspiration of Cordoba.

What are you waiting for to vibrate with the flamenco of Cordoba?  

Practical information: Price- 2 euros/ Schedule- in winter 8h30 to 19h30. Check according to season for more updated information.

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