Guadalquivir River in Cordoba: activities to enjoy it

21 March, 2019
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From the Arabic al-wadi al-Kabir or ‘great river’, the Guadalquivir is one of the main jewels, not only of Andalusia, but also of Spain. And Cordoba has the honour of receiving one of the most navigable stretches of the river that Góngora called the authentic King of Andalusia. And not for less, the fifth largest river in the Iberian Peninsula offers a wild nature panorama bathed by history.

From canoeing to adventure yourself on the Caiman route. Sail from Cordoba to Seville. Marvel youself with the Hermitage of Belén, see Cordoba from a bird's eye view...these are just some of the activities you can do in the Guadalquivir, the jewel of Cordoba.

Much more than a river

With a navigability that dates back to antiquity, the Guadalquivir has undoubtedly been the backbone of the oil and wine trade that the Iberians and Romans carried out for centuries. Thanks to the Guadalquivir River and the construction of its successive bridges, the city of Cordoba has been configured as we know it today.

A river that today allows various activities to know all the faces of the city of the three cultures, which always has something new to offer.

Top | Options to enjoy the Guadalquivir

Roman Bridge Walk

It is said that some of the best views of Cordoba are at dusk and at dawn, when the orange flashes reflect a dance of lights on the bridge. True or not, the best thing would be to go for a walk to check it out... isn't it?

Canoeing: adventure also has a place in the Guadalquivir

Canoeing is one of the main sports in the authentic King of Cordoba, as Góngora called this river. Thus, you can enjoy a quiet route that will take you through the secrets of Cordoba: the garden of sculptures, the wonders of the protected natural space of Sotos de la Albolafia and the stretch between the bridge of San Rafael and the bridge of Andalusia, or the Botanical Garden, among others.

Route of the Cayman, an unequalled competition

The start of a new year marks the start of a new edition of the Cayman Route, which has been celebrated for more than ten years. What exactly does it consist on? It is a collective route in a canoe along the navigable part of the river.

It is a day of celebration for everyone - children and adults - in which you can participate for free in exchange of one kg of non-perishable food to help the Food Bank of Cordoba.

Belén Hermitage and Guadalquivir River Viewpoint

The river offers stretches along its impressive route, and in one of them you can admire the sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin of Belen, an ode to the tiles and white lime walls of the purest Andalusia.

In this same stretch you can see the Guadalquivir Valley and Palma del Río from a bird's eye view from the Guadalquivir Viewpoint.

Iron bridge over the Guadalquivir River

The Iron Bridge is the result of a projection of the sobriety and strength of the architecture of the Daget brothers. Declared to be of cultural interest, it was built on the occasion of the creation of the railway line linking Cordoba and Seville.

In short, the passage of the Guadalquivir in Cordoba leaves a trail of experiences and activities that allow us to explore the most special and authentic face of Cordoba.



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