Real Alcázar, the jewel of Seville

Seville is home to the Real Alcazar, considered the oldest royal palace in Spain, which represents the perfect marriage between Christian and Mudejar architecture, making it a spectacle for the five senses. Its historical and architectural importance has earned it a place on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage monuments.  Originally conceived as a fortress in 913, it has been repeatedly renovated throughout its no less than 11 centuries of existence. Although its most spectacular addition was in the 14th century when King Peter added the sumptuous Palace of Don Pedro, which is still the crown jewel of the Alcazar today. However, one of the most important fictional additions was the recent filming of Game of Thrones, giving life to the exotic and southern kingdom of Dorne. Luxurious gardens and relaxing fountains. Rooms and courtyards that keep echoes of history: this is the Real Alcazar, a mandatory stop on your visit to Seville.

About the Real Alcázar of Seville

The Real Alcazar of Seville is another of the jewels of this magnetic city. Although it is a construction of the Middle Ages, it has traces of Islamic art, making this place a particularly unique site. Also being a World Heritage Site declared by Unesco, it has different styles of art, such as Gothic and Mudejar, both artistic styles despite being very different, are perfectly harmonized in this architectural work of art.

Stages and parts of the Real Alcazar of Seville

The different historical periods have had a notable influence on the final configuration of the Real Alcázar of Seville: the nobility has passed through it from the Umayyads to the Catholic Monarchs, offering an unparalleled mix of styles. This, together with its quality of royal residence, returns a place with impressive palace halls and gardens: each with its own essence, where you can appreciate a variety of styles and influences in its construction, from Islamic to neoclassical. As an example of this beauty, the hall of the ambassadors shows an imposing dome decorated with pieces carved in cedar on gilt, a work of art, and the exteriors are not free of this magnificence: courtyards and gardens with different stories and souls. A feast for the five senses. Some of the most important rooms and patios:
  • Hall of Justice
  • Patio del Yeso
  • Patio de la Montería
  • Admiral’s Quarters and Casa de Contratación
  • Patio del Crucero
  • Palacio Mudéjar or Pedro I
  • Royal Alcove
  • Ambassadors’ Salon
  • Dolls’ Patio
Featured gardens:
  • Palace of Mercury
  • Gallery of Grutesco
  • Garden of Dance
  • Garden of Troy
  • Of the Gallery
  • Of the Flowers
  • Of the Prince
  • Of the Poets

Visit the Real Alcazar of Seville

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of Seville is this oasis of peace and exoticism that is also an essential work to understand the transition from Islam to Christianity in the thirteenth century. Therefore, as one of the most important monuments in Spain, it has a large influx of visitors which, moreover, is limited, so if you want to visit the Real Alcazar of Seville we recommend you book your ticket in advance. As you will see, the Real Alcazar is a must in the capital of light, where between the splendor of past times and the passionate beauty of Seville you will spend unforgettable days.  When are you coming to Seville? You can consult all the information regarding our guided tours in Seville in the link, and you can find all the information regarding: And much more…

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