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For most schools school trips are a tradition. The reasons can be very varied but there is no doubt that they have many points in their favour. When we think back to our school days, we always remember when we went on an excursion, whether it was in nature, in a museum, in a factory… because what we learnt that day was never forgotten and we also had a great time.

For the children, going on excursions is very beneficial as it teaches them that they can learn anywhere, not only in a classroom. They discover new aspects of what they have learnt in class, expanding and reinforcing their knowledge.



Educators from Bioparc will guide the group through the tropical forests of Africa, Asia, Madagascar and the Indo-Pacific islands. In addition, the students will attend an activity that will allow them to learn about the way of life of surprising species. In the nature classroom, they will have the opportunity to have direct contact with some small species while learning about their characteristics and behaviour. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of conserving and protecting the environment, as only through education and knowledge will we succeed in preserving it.

Before the visit there will be some fun activities, and at the end of the visit, they will receive didactic material to work on in class.


Visit Tivoli World

This will be a different and innovative experience and can be done in English or Spanish. Students will spend a wonderful day at this amusement park where they will do fun activities and experiments related to what they are learning in class.

Amongst fountains and gardens they will enjoy numerous exciting rides, colourful and varied entertainment and entertainment shows that take place in the different squares and stages, all of this as we have said before through tests and games to reinforce the knowledge they have learnt in class. This will be a perfect adventure for learning to work as a team and to strengthen the bonds between the pupils.

Tivoli World Málaga


Rafting on the Genil river

Rafting or white water rafting is the activity that consists of going down a river in the direction of the current in a pneumatic raft accompanied by a specialised guide who will direct the raft with the help of the group. This activity is carried out in groups, so teamwork is very important. A tour that adds to the beautiful natural scenery, all the action of the sport and that can be enjoyed by anyone. Young people will feel the adrenaline of a different experience, descending through fantastic rapids of varying difficulty.

Our experienced guides-instructors will provide the students with all the notions about safety and rafting techniques, accompanying them during the whole trip, so that this experience is totally reliable.

Rafting en el río Genil, Málaga


Farm School Cuevas Bajas

Visiting a farm means getting in touch with nature and the countryside. It means connecting with the environment and getting away from city life for a few hours. While you are on the farm you will have a direct experience and contribute to the work that is done there. At the end of the day you will have a better understanding of country life, the life of animals and plants. They will have acquired knowledge that, having been involved in its development, they will not forget. During the day the children will enjoy introductory games, a visit to the organic vegetable garden and planting food, a zip line activity, environmental and archaeology workshops, archery, interpretive hiking and much more.

Through this, the children will realise that they are capable of doing jobs that they are not used to and that are new to them. These skills will also help them to apply them in their daily lives.

Visita Granja Escuela Málaga


Sierra De Las Nieves Botanical Itinerary

Sierra de las Nieves treasures an enormous amount of natural values, but what makes it a unique and exclusive natural space is its peculiar geology and its exceptional botanical richness. These two characteristics were decisive in its day for this area to be declared a natural park.

This mountain range in Malaga has a great diversity of resources for the development of activities for the knowledge and enjoyment of Nature. The most relevant species of its rich flora, their importance, their contributions and their dangers will be taught. The children will be able to learn about all this with maps, didactic material and workshops on natural products and the production of an ecological insecticide.

Sierra de las Nieves Málaga


Seafaring tourism

This is a very interesting experience for children to get to know and come into contact with one of the most important trades and with a great history for the Costa del Sol. The activity consists of a tour of the fishing port. They will learn about the world of artisanal fishing and what fish the boats bring in. Also talk to master netter, what a fish auction is like and visit the Punta Doncella lighthouse. They will learn about traditional knots and learn how to tie them, and then take them home as a souvenir.

This activity will also focus on caring for the environment, as they will be working with nature and must learn about the importance of preserving it, through learning by having fun, dealing with the sea, marine biology, and related subjects studied by the children.

Turismo Marinero en Málaga


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