The best cafés in Granada

As a good Andalusian city, Granada, apart from having great tourist attractions worth visiting at least once in a lifetime, also has incredible cafés. In them, the tourist can start the day tasting a succulent toast of oil, tomato and salt or spend the afternoon tasting the infinity of typical sweets that they offer.

For this reason, you should not miss the variety of cafeterias that Granada has to offer, as they will be your best ally when it comes to resting, chatting and discovering the most attractive corners of the city.

Here are some cafés where you can relax when visiting the Nasrid city. Don’t miss them!


Perspectives Café

This establishment is located in the centre of Granada, very close to the Arco de Elvira, a great attraction of the city. This café is characterised by the fact that all its products are made in a sustainable way. It also has a speciality coffee and its desserts and cakes are all homemade. An added bonus is that none of their products contain palm oil, which adds to their quality.

In addition to oil, Perspectives Café uses free range eggs, 100% sourdough bread, and adapts to any diet, always being ready to prepare whatever the customer demands.

They also offer a wide variety of gluten-free and vegan options to ensure that all customers are happy.

Relaxed and peaceful atmosphere at Perspectives Café in Granada


Toma Té Pan

This café is located in the Figares neighbourhood, its decoration imitates a cosy, everyday living room where you feel at home. One of their specialities are the homemade cakes they make, which you can have on the premises or order for any special event, adapting to your tastes and needs.

Ideal place to enjoy an exquisite coffee in Granada


Cafeteria Bistró del Mundo

This place not only sells coffees and sweet products, but also has a live cooking service, as well as a restaurant. It is located near the hospital of San Juan de Dios, in a square with very little traffic, which makes it pleasant and quiet.

The sweets are homemade and delicious, and the star product of the cafeteria is the savoury pancakes. I invite you to see for yourself, you won’t regret it!

They also have an exquisite coffee, as well as numerous types of coffee, which have a drawing or specific word on the top that attracts the customer’s attention.

Wide variety of products offered by the best coffee shops in Granada


Massay Cafeteria

If you have travelled and you are near the train station of Granada, you have to visit this cafeteria. It is located in the Pajaritos neighbourhood and is the best known in the area. The Cafe has a very cosy atmosphere, as well as jazz music playing in the background. It is the ideal place to have a quiet chat or read a book with a cup of coffee.

It has a wide variety of breads for toast, homemade pastries, fruit and teas. In addition, animals are welcome in this place, which makes it easy for you to go with your pet without any problem.

If after having a good coffee, you feel like getting to know the magic of Granada, we recommend you to take a guided tour of the Alhambra or the Cathedral of Granada. You won’t regret it!

An interesting alternative when visiting a coffee shop in Granada


La Finca Coffee

In the heart of Granada lies this little café. It is perfect for a warm coffee on a winter afternoon, as it makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. You have the option of drinking your coffee on the premises or buying it to take away.

One of their best products are the cappuccinos, as they have a wide range of flavours: vanilla, chocolate, caramel, strawberry, lemon…

The prices are a little higher than those of a regular coffee shop, but the location combined with the atmosphere are worth paying a little more for your enjoyment.

Modern and minimalist establishment where you can enjoy the aroma of a good coffee in Granada


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