The Great Theatre of Cordoba

29 March, 2019
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The construction of the Great Theatre of Córdoba begun in 1871. The architect of the building was Amadeo Rodríguez, and it was owned by Pedro López Morales.

In this marvelous theater there are up to 403 patio seats, 24 stalls, 2 proscenium stalls, 28 main boxes, 2 second floor proscenium boxes, 99 amphitheater front seats, 105 paradise front seats, 200 amphitheater main entrances and 600 paradise entrances.

In 1970 it was closed and underwent a series of renovations which did not affect the main structure of the building, making the great theatre a historical building worth seeing.

In 1976, the owners presented a demolition request due to several reasons. In spite of this, and fortunately, in 1982, it was declared an Artistic Historical Asset, thus acquiring significance, and making the Andalusian government to take charge of the building and carry out its restoration, opening its gates again in 1986 for the XI National Flamenco Art Competition.

Even after several renovations and restoration, the internal structure has been maintained, this being an original interior and typical style of "Italian theater".

Due to all its history, is one of the most charming places in Cordoba and certainly must be visited, also today is still used as a theater, so you can visit not only for the pleasure of enjoying a building with such a historical background and uniqueness, but also to enjoy the wonderful performance, concerts and many other spectacles that take place inside this magnificent building. This will allow you to experience twice the art of such a singular and special place as the great theatre of Cordoba.

In the great theatre of Cordoba you won’t only see recitals, but you can also enjoy dance, concerts, music, flamenco, orchestras and so on. With such a variety of shows, there is no better place to visit than this theatre and its history. Even in carnivals you can enjoy the contest of chirigotas, comparsas etc.

Typical shows of the Andalusian culture that you should not miss during that season in February. That's why from Oway we want to recommend you the visit to the Great Theater of Cordoba, a place with a great history that still alive today thanks to the spectacles and the people who visit it to soak up this artistic environment that will appeal to their senses and emotions. You will fall in love with its magic.



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