The SIMOF Flamenco Fashion Show in Seville

Talking about Seville is talking about flamenco. For this reason, the city of light hosts the most important international flamenco fashion event: SIMOF, Salón Internacional de Moda Flamenca (the International Flamenco Fashion Show).

 What is SIMOF Seville?

The Salón Internacional de Moda Flamenca (SIMOF) is the name given to the most important international flamenco fashion event. It takes place every year between 30th January and 2nd February at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Sevilla, also known as FIBES, an architectural space located in the East Seville neighbourhood and its headquarters are at the Fundación Cajasol.

SIMOF is the world’s benchmark flamenco fashion week and the parades will present the trends, design and proposals of the most versatile and innovative regional costume in the world.  Therefore, if you are planning to visit the Andalusian capital on that date and you are passionate about flamenco, you cannot miss this landmark.  

Tips for going to a flamenco fashion show

Here are some tips to make the most of a parade:

  1. Choose a fashion show from a flamenco fashion company you already know and follow. It is essential that you like their style and their way of understanding flamenco dressing. It is possible that you fall in love with some of the designs and ask them to reserve them for you!
  2. In case you are invited to the show of a firm you don’t know, don’t worry! It may be a discovery and something you thought you would never wear draws your attention to the catwalk. That’s the magic of flamenco fashion.
  3. Don’t go in the nick of time! Enjoy the moments of euphoria and illusion before the show. You will be able to see how the auditorium fills up and capture all the organizational details.
  4. Make sure your mobile phone battery is well charged and does not turn off at the wrong time. 
  5. Pay attention to the celebrities and influencers you might meet. It is very common that celebrities and social network stars come to SIMOF, as they are usually friends or clients of some designers or are invited by the organization.

Curiosities about the parade

In addition to the spectacular parades, SIMOF offers a series of parallel activities, including the SIMOF EGO space, a consolidated exhibition area where alternative activities to the auditorium’s own parades take place, such as the presentation of the winner of the SIMOF poster competition of the year, numerous professional and children’s parades with designers from Mexico, Miami, Galicia, Huelva, Malaga, Granada, Coria del Río, Utrera and Los Palacios.

Also scheduled is the parade of the winner of the Young Designers’ Contest, a Master Class in flamenco dress pattern making. 

In addition, the venue has a commercial area where 128 exhibitors are located, including the designers who will be showing their work on the catwalk and other firms of flamenco fashion, accessories, footwear, fabrics, make-up and other auxiliary companies and those related to the sector. In this way, in addition to meeting the people responsible for all these articles, you will also be able to make appointments, shop and keep up to date with new trends.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know the flamenco dress sector and everything around it!

 How to buy tickets for SIMOF 2020

With regard to the purchase of tickets, the following possibilities exist:

  • Entrance to the venue: €8 – Entrance to the venue – Stands – EGO catwalk – Stage area SIMOF BAILA
  • Ticket for SIMOF BAILA: €10 – The entrance to the venue – Stands – EGO catwalk – SIMOF BAILA seat (one performance)
  • Parade ticket: €12- The entrance to the venue – Stands – EGO catwalk – Stage area SIMOF BAILA – Parade ticket (one parade)

Where can you buy your tickets? 

  • If you wish to buy tickets in advance to attend a parade, you can do so through the website www.fibestickets.es 
  • If you wish to buy advance tickets for SIMOF BAILA, one of our great novelties with which you can witness the performances of up to 25 dance schools in Andalusia, you can do so through the website www.fibestickets.es
  • You can also buy your tickets directly at the box office during the event.

*If you bring your printed ticket from home you will be able to access the event directly, without having to wait in line.

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