Where can you go shopping in Cordoba?

Do you need to do some shopping, treat yourself or buy some souvenirs and you don’t know where to do it in Cordoba? Don’t worry, we have the solution for you. In this article you can find out where to go shopping in Cordoba.

If there is one thing that stands out in the city of Cordoba, it is all the traditional crafts that you can find in its streets. It’s not just the experience of getting the product, seeing the traditional shops is a delightful experience.

Although you won’t just be able to see charming little shops, there are also large shopping centres or the shops in the city centre itself.

If you’re not sure what to take home as a souvenir, you won’t be able to leave without taking home a leather or silver souvenir made by local firms. You can discover several curiosities and traditions of Cordoba’s own trade, such as the Cordovan silver filigree. It consists of a goldsmith’s technique that creates fine threads with a metal, either gold or silver, these pieces stand out for their lightness.

Where can you go shopping in Cordoba?

Cordovan, another technique used for years in some local products, is based on the high quality tanned skin of goats or billy goats, generally tanned with sumac. Cordoba is the first and largest producer of this type of leather, using this technique since the Middle Ages for coating and decoration.

Other products not to be missed are the gastronomic products, especially the local wines and oils, which can be found in the Jewish quarter.


The best known shopping centres in Cordoba:

Shopping centre “El arcángel”

It is the largest shopping centre, opened in 1994, located right next to the famous Cordoba Football Club stadium, services, restaurants, leisure and fashion in Cordoba.

It has 75 shops and two commercial floors, nowadays you can even find a cinema inside. If you have children and want to have a good time in this centre, we recommend you to visit the huge Toys “R “Us. They will have a great time with that many toys.

If you get a craving for clothes while you’re in town, this is the place to leave with a few bags in your hand. Among the shops you can see are: PRIMARK, LEFTIES, SPRINGFIELD, PRIMOR, OTEROS, C&A….

Where can you go shopping in Cordoba?

While you are visiting these shops and you get hungry, it is not a problem either, there is a variety of food chains, sure you know and like them, such as: McDonald’s, Pomodoro, Los 100 montaditos, Pans & Company, and not only those well-known chains, but also others very well known in Cordoba and that you must try: Rafalete, Jamón & Jamón, American Pool…

In short, if you have time and want to spend a pleasant time shopping, this is the shopping centre for you.


Shoppig centre “La Sierra”

The second shopping centre is located in Calle Poeta Emilio Prados. It has the most activity in Cordoba and it is called Carrefour Sierra, where there is also a large number of shops of all kinds. This shopping centre is owned by Pradera and Carrefour Property.

It has 59 stores, including fashion shops, jewellery shops, restaurants, make-up shops…etc.

Some of the famous INDITEX brand shops that you can find in this shopping centre are: BERSHKA, PULL&BEAR and ZARA. Other shops for young children if you need to buy clothes for your children are Mayoral. There are also several electronics shops and mobile phone companies.

Inside the shopping centre there is a small crèche if you want the little ones to have some fun while you shop.

And to finish off your visit to the centre you can eat in any of these places: La Sureña, Los 100 Montaditos. Even a small patisserie in case you get a sweet tooth.

Where can you go shopping in Cordoba?

Shopping centre “El Zoco”

To finish the list of shopping centres available in Cordoba, we finish with the well-known ZOCO, which is also famous for the meetings that the people of Cordoba have there. Right now a large part of this shopping centre is occupied by a chain of supermarkets called DEZA, where you can find various food products and a variety of other products inside.

Several shops are closed or for rent in this shopping centre, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it, as the nearby areas are bars and entertainment venues.

It is advisable to have a good meal in the shopping centre, and then enjoy the area, for example, at MacDonald’s or Pomodoro.

But inside you can also find: make-up shops, parapharmacy, bookshop, boutiques…

If you are in the area and don’t know where to go shopping, don’t hesitate to go to this shopping centre.

Where can you go shopping in Cordoba?


Shopping centre “Los Patios de Azahara” 

Although it is not yet inaugurated, its opening is already causing a stir. The new shopping centre is located next to the Palma del Río road in Córdoba and will open in the summer of this year, 2021.

It will have 950 parking spaces on its surface.

Some brands such as MediaMark, Jysk, MaxColchón, Oteros and Kiwoko, have already confirmed their presence in this new centre. With this project, the existing shopping park, which included the presence of Leroy Merlin and McDonald’s, has been completed. One aspect that sets this shopping centre apart from the others will be its commercial mix, designed to offer a balance between large and medium-sized specialised stores and shops with a strong local accent.

Where can you go shopping in Cordoba?

Shopping Streets

Having mentioned the best known shopping centres in the capital of Cordoba, you should also know that there are other places to shop in Cordoba, obviously in the city centre itself, where you will find the streets with the best shopping, we are referring to the fabulous Calles Gondomar, Cruz Conde and Concepción, these being the busiest for years by tourists wishing to shop.

Gondomar Street

It is classified as the most important shopping street in Cordoba, due to the numerous establishments that are found in it, unfortunately over the years a large number of traditional businesses have been disappearing from it, as there is not enough space for all of them.

Right now the shops that you can visit in this street among others are: PULL&BEAR, STRADIVARIUS, JACK & JONES, JD Sports, ZARA, PRIMOR….

There is no reason not to treat yourself to a little bit of clothing in this place.

Where can you go shopping in Cordoba?


Cruz Conde Street

It is the next street with more commerce in the centre of Cordoba, a curiosity that draws attention is that in the 1960s the street received the popular name of the tontódromo, for being the place for a large part of the Cordovan society to walk to see and be seen.

This street can be seen from the Plaza de las Tendillas, and the following shops can be seen in the same street: Almacenes Fuentes Guerra, Bolero Bar, Cafetería París, Calzados Segarra, Chammela (Boutique), Domus, Ferretería, Flomar, Galerías Preciados and Librería Luque.

Where can you go shopping in Cordoba? 

Concepción Street

This is the last big shopping street in the city centre, where you can find not only shops such as another mobile phone shop and boutiques, but also terraces where you can have something sweet such as a cake or an ice-cream. Right next to this street we find the Victoria gardens.

Where can you go shopping in Cordoba?


Jewish Quarter

Not to mention the number of gastronomic establishments of typical food that can be found in the same, you can find all kinds of handicraft workshops, shops with all kinds of souvenirs, silverware shops and whatever you want to take home as a souvenir. Add to this the experience of strolling through its beautiful streets. A day of shopping in the Jewish quarter is a must.

Where can you go shopping in Cordoba?

If before you do all this shopping, you want to see the streets of Cordoba and soak up the culture and history of the city, we recommend you book this Free Tour of Cordoba.


Flea Markets

A very typical thing that many Cordobeses do is to get up early to find the best bargains in the street markets in the city of Cordoba, which change their location depending on the day of the week. You can buy everything from clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, herbs, blankets, sheets, fabrics, music and even pots and pans. And with only 5€ you can leave with quite a few items.

The best known is the Arenal flea market, which is located on Calle Inferno. It is open every Sunday from ten o’clock in the morning and has no less than 245 stalls.

Another popular street market is open on Tuesdays and Fridays is the famous Mercadillo de las Setas, although its popular name is the Mercadillo de Noreña, which is located as its name suggests in the park of Las Setas, with a total of 175 stalls. You can also find ice cream and churros stalls in the same location.

Finally, the Fuensanta street market has a large number of stalls and is located in this humble neighbourhood, although its number of stalls is smaller than the previous ones, its 95 stalls are not to be missed. It is usually open every Saturday of the year.

Dare and get lost in one of the street markets in Cordoba, it will be worth it.

Where can you go shopping in Cordoba?


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