5 Traditions not to be missed in Cordoba

6 March, 2019
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Cordoba has so many traditions, corners and monuments to discover that it would be almost impossible to get to know everything in a single visit...To give you an idea, in Oway Tours, as tour guides in Cordoba, we never cease to amaze and surprise ourselves with everything that a city with thousands of years of history has to offer.

However, since life is short -as well as vacations- today we give you a summary with five traditions and customs that take place every year in Cordoba and that you cannot miss if you visit the capital of the three cultures... Take note!

1. Feast of the Archangel Saint Raphael

One of the most traditional and unavoidable festivities in the Cordovan calendar. On October 24 the city is tinged with the fervor of the feast of Saint Raphael... and there is an erroneous belief that this saint is the patron saint of the city, so why is there such veneration for Saint Raphael in Cordoba?

The origin of this devotion goes back to the Middle Age, when the plague devastated Europe. To escape the plague, the citizens of Córdoba commended to San Rafael. And so it was, as a miracle, that the city managed to escape the devastating effects of the epidemic. Since then, Cordoba celebrates this festivity around, of course, a good ‘perol’ of ‘migas’.

Every year in the center of the city, the people from Córdoba concentrate to cook the ‘perol’ of ‘migas’ with the heat of the firewood and enjoy in community of a good food and of course, a good wine.

If you visit Cordoba in autumn, we recommend that you organize your visit to coincide with this spectacular event.

2. Holy Week

Nothing more and nothing less than 60 processional floats and 32 processions take place during Cordoba's Holy Week. Between ‘saetas’, the smell of incense and an atmosphere full of spirituality and fervor, one of the most important periods in Cordoba takes place. With the old town - World Heritage- as the setting for the processions, enjoying this tradition, whether you are a believer or not, is an almost obligatory stop.

3. Festival of the Cordovan Patios

With spring at its peak, it is not surprising that the Cordovan Patios Festival takes place every year. What does it consist of? The residents of the old town open the well-kept historical courtyards of their houses so that visitors - and locals - can enjoy the floral compositions and historical vestiges. All this is spiced up by concerts and events in the courtyards. You can’t miss it!

4. May Crosses

Christian tradition and folklore are mixed in this impressive contest that consists of presenting crosses decorated with different motifs, from floral to traditional. Different associations and brotherhoods are mobilized to present the most original cross, and the crosses are exhibited in the streets - transforming the city into a feast for the eyes.

5. Feast of Our Lady of Health

If you are going to visit Cordoba in May, don't miss the event of the year in the bullring: the ‘Feria Taurina de Nuestra Señora de la Salud’ (Our Lady of Health Bullfighting Fair). During those days the city is dressed in the art of bullfighting to pay tribute to figures like Manolete.

In addition to the bullfighting fair, Cordoba is immersed in the most important celebration, the May festivities; the city is filled with flamenco booths, wine from the region and the polka dots from the flamenco costumes. From the morning to the night you will be able to enjoy the bulls, the music and the art of Cordoba. Most of the booths are open to the public.

As you will see, in Cordoba traditions are part of local life, to enjoy life as only the people from Córdoba know how to do. Among flowers, bulls, fervor, gastronomy and history, life goes by in the Caliphate city.

Are you going to miss it?



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