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Finding parking areas in Seville can become a real hell on our visit. As there is a large volume of traffic, some restrictions in certain areas and numerous blue and green areas spread throughout the historic centre. Therefore, today we bring you some alternatives to find a place to leave our car without going too far from the areas we are going to visit


Where to park for free in Seville

The historical centre of Seville has 3.9 square kilometres, which can make it very difficult for us to park our vehicle somewhere in the city. To travel through it, besides being highly recommended, can be a pleasure if we manage to have the car close by so that we can later rest our legs. 

However, due to Seville’s municipal regulations, only residents are free to access the centre by car. The rest only have 45 minutes to get in and out, having to pay a fine of 75 euros if they exceed this time. However, we bring you some options for free parking in Seville. 

Driving a car Seville

Free parking in the centre of Seville

This regulation imposed by the Seville City Council came into force in 2011. It was very common to see the scene of thousands of vehicles looking for parking in the city centre. Therefore, to avoid the streets becoming so easily saturated. It was decided that the most logical thing to do was to give priority to residents, public transport, and municipal services. 

The problem is aggravated when we realize that most of the parking in the center is the MAR zone, blue zone, or green zone, which makes it almost impossible to park for free

However, there are two specific areas where we recommend parking: the San Vicente neighbourhood, from Torneo Street to the Alameda de Hércules, is a neighbourhood of low houses and streets that are not as labyrinthine as in the old town, which makes it easier to get around; and the San Julián neighbourhood, which represents the monumental area outside the walls of La Macarena and, the closer we are to the Ronda María Auxiliadora, the more chances we have of finding parking. 

 Street in the center of Seville

Free parking near the center of Seville

We can find other areas, besides the historical centre, to park our vehicle. In addition, these are monumental neighbourhoods that are worth a visit, such as the neighbourhoods of La Macarena, Triana and Nervión. You cannot miss some of the most incredible places in this city such as the Cathedral and the Alcazar in Guided tour of the Alcazar and the Seville Cathedral.

Macarena district

In the Macarena district there is a green and blue area around the Church, the University Hospital and Calle Torneo. But if we move away from the walls, heading north of the city, we can enjoy free parking areas. However, in order not to go too far, we recommend not going beyond the area between the Cruz Roja and Miraflores avenues

Triana neighborhood

In the Triana neighbourhood there are blue and green areas around the República Argentina and Virgen de Luján avenues. Although fortunately they are more limited than in the Macarena area. These two main arteries lead us to the parking lots of the Feria de Abril. As we approach Calle Betis – San Jacinto, the area becomes a crossroads of narrow streets. The further we go towards the Ronda de Triana and López de Gomara, the more likely we are to find areas to park for free, but further away from the centre. 

Nervion neighborhood

Finally, we will talk about the Nervion neighbourhood, which is not centrally located, but it is quite commercial. We can find the Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium. In Seville is considered almost as a second centre, so we can find many difficulties to park, as in the historic centre, but without restrictions. We find blue zone in almost all the streets, and a quite high traffic of circulation. However, if we move away from the more commercial areas, such as the Nervión Plaza Shopping Centre and the universities (Viapol area) we will find free parking areas. In the center you can find the Alcazar, one of the most beautiful places in the city through our Guided Tour to the Alcazar of Seville.

 Arch of the Macarena in Seville

Low cost parking and park & ride

An alternative to the massive car traffic that occurs in the cities, covered by an ecological and practical concept, called park and ride, is to park our vehicles in low cost parking lots that are usually located in the belt of the cities, but with great facilities of communication with the centre by means of public transport, and that add the power to move freely throughout the city with this means. An example of this in Seville is the INSUR Mirador de Santa Justa car park, which is located near numerous bus lines: 22, 25, 26, 29, 30, 32, 38, 38ª, 52, A5, A7, B4, C1, C2, LE…, as well as the San Bernardo Metro stop and the Santa Justa AVE station. 

We can also use websites such as Parkimeter to check the car parks that are most central or closest to our destination. This is the largest network of car parks in Spain. Booking a parking space with this medium also grants permission to drive to it, even if there are restrictions. Before leaving, do not miss the Cathedral of Seville, the jewel in the crown with our guide Seville Cathedral Guided Tour.

Seville traffic sign

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