How to get from Seville Airport to Seville city center

Seville is the Andalusian capital and one of the best known cities in Spain. A city full of history, culture and special traditions, which is worth visiting at any time of the year.

Whether you visit Seville on foot with a Free tour in Seville o visit one its wonderfun monumets without o with a Guided Tour, Seville is a must if you come to the south of Spain.

Fly to Seville, one of the most beautiful cities in the south of Spain and don’t get lost on the way if you arrive by plane, because no one likes to start a trip on the wrong foot. Oway Tours shows you all the options to get from the airport to the city center in the easiest way.


A cab is always a good option to go to the airport from the city center and the other way around. It doesn’t take long to get there, about 20 minutes, even less if the traffic allows it. 

It is also a very comfortable way to go, as you don’t have to carry the luggage yourself and the cab will drop you off at the door. However, this service is a bit more expensive than other options to go to the airport, as it costs about 20 €.

Taxi Sevilla

Rental car

If you arrive in Seville and don’t know how to get to the center, renting a car is a great alternative to taking public transportation or a cab. These cars can be rented at the airport and are easy and affordable. 

You can rent a car for all the days you are going to spend in Seville and use it to move around the city. You can also take the opportunity to visit other nearby cities. 

You can get to the center from the airport by the A-4 / E-5 highway (direction Cordoba – Madrid), which connects to the airport (exit 532), and leave the car parked near your accommodation, ready for when you need it.

Coche de Alquiler Sevilla


Undoubtedly the best option to get from the airport to the center and vice versa. The TUSSAM line EA starts at Plaza de Armas, one of the bus stations in Seville, located in the center, next to the river. It has several stops throughout the city center, such as Prado de San Sebastian or Santa Justa Train Station, some important points of Seville. 

The bus is also the cheapest option, as it costs only 4 €. The trip does not take more than 35 minutes and the bus is spacious and with places to put the suitcases. Another reason to take the bus is that it passes approximately every 15 minutes, starting at 4:30 am at Plaza de Armas, until 00:30 am, and at 5:20 am until 1:25 am at the airport. 

However, although this service has many advantages, it has some disadvantages. The bus may be very crowded, as the suitcases take up a lot of space. In addition, there are areas of Seville through which it does not pass, although it has a good connection with other lines of the Seville city bus.

Línea EA Tussan Sevilla

Private car shuttle service

This is a slightly more expensive premium service, as a 4-seater car costs about 36 € and an 8-seater car costs little more than 60 €. However, it is a very comfortable service, perfect for groups that need a slightly larger car. A driver picks you up at the airport entrance and will drop you off at your accommodation and vice versa for the return trip. 

There are several offers and different prices and services, consult them and choose the most suitable for your needs.

Servicio privado de coches Sevilla

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