What to see and do in Nerja and Frigiliana

If you want to know what you can see and do in these two amazing towns, this is the place for you. Take a seat and get ready to discover many things you probably didn’t know about Nerja and Frigiliana.

Nerja is a Spanish coastal town located in Malaga and is home to many foreigners. It has a spectacular climate almost all year round, so your visit will be very enjoyable thanks to it. In addition, it also has a great gastronomy that those who love to eat and enjoy new or traditional dishes, will be delighted to visit this town.

On the other hand, there is Frigiliana, which is only 7 km away from Nerja and has nothing to envy. It is a charming village as it has the typical narrow streets and staggered houses, all in white. Furthermore, if we have already mentioned that Nerja has a fabulous gastronomy, Frigiliana is not far behind at all, as it is a very good place to eat.

We encourage you to continue reading this page and see what you can do in these two villages if you plan to visit them or if you are undecided about going to see them. Also, since you are going to visit Malaga or you are planning to visit it, take advantage and do it with our Complete Tour of Malaga, where you will discover Malaga like never before.


What to see in Nerja

In Nerja you have a lot of options to see new things and live a magnificent experience. You won’t get tired for a second of going from side to side getting to know new places, although one good thing about Nerja is that it has most things in close proximity to each other.

Below, you’ll discover and get to know the places you can see in Nerja.


Balcón de Europa

One of the places that is practically obligatory to visit is the Balcón de Europa. This place is located between the magnificent beaches of Nerja “Calahonda” and “El Salon”. Here you can get some of the best views of the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy the pleasant climate in this area.

This area is a cosy place and is very famous as most of the tourists stop to visit it. You can stroll around it, while you find all kinds of artists, musicians, caricaturists, jugglers… being a place full of life and good atmosphere.

If you are interested in knowing why it has this name, it is because, according to Alfonso XII, by leaning out from its railing you could see Africa from Spain (Europe).

Once you visit this place, it will surely be your favourite place and you will want to show all your people the fantastic photos you have taken there.

Balcón de Europa Málaga


Chanquete’s boat from Verano Azul (La Dorada)

If you have seen the Verano Azul series and grew up with it, you will know this mythical boat. Located in the Verano Azul park, you can have your photo taken next to the boat that you must have loved when you watched this fantastic series, a must-see for every fan.

Unfortunately, however, it is not the original boat, as the real Dorada de Chanquete was built in pieces in the workshops of Prado del Rey. In fact, the original boat was not even a real boat, it was simply a set that was installed in Nerja and, when the filming of the fiction was finished in December 1980, it was dismantled. Nerja made a replica of this ship, which is the one you’ll find here, and you’ll hardly notice the changes from the original.

Barco de Chanquete Málaga


Caves of Nerja

If you’re visiting Nerja, you can’t forget to visit the famous Nerja Caves, which are a must for every tourist.

These beautiful caves were discovered in 1959. Here you will find the first work of art known to mankind in its entire history, which is more than forty-two thousand years old. It is also home to the largest stalactite in the world, which is incredible to see. In addition, one of the advantages of this place is that it is open every day of the year, except on the 1st of January due to the celebration of the New Year and on the 15th of May due to the celebration of San Isidro’s Day. Admission costs around 10 euros for adults and 5 euros for children under the age of 12, and even free for children under the age of 6.

Cuevas de Nerja Málaga


Things to do in Nerja

Just as you can see lots of sites and things to do in Nerja, you can also do lots of activities. There are plenty of activities for all ages and types of tourists, whether it’s a wide range of sports or a leisurely stroll along the beach, there will be something for everyone. In addition, the fantastic climate of Nerja is very favourable for any activity, as you won’t suffer from either too much heat or too much cold, having a pleasant temperature and hardly any rainfall.

Here are some of the things you can do on your visit to Nerja and which you are sure to enjoy.


The beaches of Nerja

In Nerja there are many beaches, all of them incredible and with great quality. This town has 10 wonderful beaches near the town centre and another 6 paradisiacal beaches located on the road that goes from the outskirts of Nerja to Maro (Pedanía de Nerja). Here you can do a lot of activities such as surfing, jet skiing, swimming or just sunbathing (if you don’t like the sun the beaches also give you the option of renting sunbeds with umbrellas). It is worth mentioning its fantastic sand, where there are hardly any stones to bother your feet, which will make your visit more comfortable.

The beaches that we recommend the most are Calahonda beach, as it is next to the Balcón de Europa, or Burriana beach, as it is one of the largest in the town. If you still decide you want to visit others, there is no problem because they all have great quality and accessibility.

Playas de Nerja Málaga


Stroll along Calle Pintada and go shopping

If you just want to take it easy and enjoy the views, or if you want to go shopping for souvenirs, this street is the place for you. As one of the busiest streets in Nerja, here you’ll find local shops of all kinds, from souvenirs you can buy to take back to your loved ones or keep for yourself, to visiting national fashion shops such as the Springfield franchise. It never hurts to treat yourself once in a while, especially when you’re out sightseeing, or if you just want to enjoy a stroll, it’s an ideal place to go as you’ll see the great atmosphere in this fantastic town.

Calle Pintada Málaga


Kayaking or canoeing along the cliffs of Maro

Do you love the water and have you ever wanted to go kayaking or canoeing? Well, Nerja makes it easy for you, as just by going to Burriana you will find a kayak and canoe rental, with which you will enjoy a guided group ride, or if you prefer you can do the adventure on your own. In addition, you will be provided with all the necessary paddling equipment, so you only have to worry about enjoying the scenery and being at ease. For any lover of this type of activity, here you will fall in love even more and you will surely want to repeat the experience.

We recommend that if it is the first time you come to Nerja you take the guided group tour as they will show you the best coves to visit.

Kayak Málaga


Curiosities of Nerja

Nerja contains quite a few curiosities that you may not know, most of them being about the Caves of Nerja, due to the great importance it has in this town.

Did you know that Las Cuevas de Nerja are considered an Asset of Cultural Interest? It is so since 2006 and is also known as the Natural Cathedral of Malaga for its huge natural vaults covered with stalactites, and is one of the most topographically developed caves in Andalusia. Nerja also boasts one of the largest stalactites in the world and is recognised as such by the Guinness Book of Records. It is no less than 60 metres high and some 18 metres in diameter.

Another curiosity about Nerja is that it does not only have a viewpoint. Most people think that this town only has the Balcón de Europa, however, it also has two beautiful places such as the Mirador del Bendito on the top of the cliff that offers a nice view of the Carabeillo Beach or the walk from the Plaza de los Cangrejos Park, on the other side of Nerja, with a very nice view of the Balcón de Europa and the mountains in the background.

One more curiosity, which if you have read this page is not so much a curiosity, is that Nerja has the boat of Chanquete from Verano Azul. However, something you probably don’t know is that, although it looks quite similar to the original, it has a flaw that can be seen with the naked eye, and that is that the entrance door to the ship is on the other side of the boat that starred in the series.

We encourage you to discover more curiosities in this fantastic town, which is sure to have many more.

Nerja Málaga


Where to eat in Nerja

In this town there are plenty of restaurants and bars where you can eat fantastically. All of these places have great quality, but we are going to recommend those that are local cuisine as we believe that the best experience you can take with you when you are sightseeing is to discover the gastronomy of the area.

The first of these is El Refugio, a restaurant where most of its dishes are meat dishes and are exquisite. It has an outdoor terrace and disabled access, and the value for money is incredible. Apart from the meat, it has one of the best paellas we have ever tasted.

The next restaurant we recommend is El Rincón del Sabor, which stands out for its seafood and paella. It also has an outdoor terrace and disabled access, and its price is very similar to the previous one. This restaurant stands out more for its seafood, which is very fresh and tasty.

The last recommendation we are going to give is about the restaurant El Puente. This restaurant has a more accessible price than the previous ones and has food of all kinds. The menu of the day has abundant dishes and exquisite quality, and it also has an outdoor terrace and access for the disabled.

Paella Málaga


How to get to Nerja

To get to Nerja is very simple, and below you will discover in summary how to get to Nerja from all possible ways.

If you’re flying into Malaga, you’ll be dropped off at Malaga airport. From the airport it is only a 45 minute drive to Nerja, which you can also get a taxi to take you there. You can also take the train and do the following steps:

  1. Go to Terminal 3 metro station.
  2. Take the C1 line. A one-way trip costs €1,80.
  3. Get off at the stop “Maria Zambrano”.
  4. Cross the road to Malaga Bus Station.
  5. Buy a ticket to Nerja from the bus company ALSA for about 5 €.

If you are coming by bus there will be no problem, as there is a bus to Nerja as this town has a bus station, so it is an economical way to get there.

To go by train to Nerja, you should know that it does not stop directly there, as the train will stop in Malaga. To go to Nerja by train you would have to take another transport from Malaga to Nerja.

You can also go with your own car or a rental car. Nerja is directly on the A-7 motorway, which is the longest motorway in Spain.

All in all, going to Nerja is not difficult so we encourage everyone to go and visit this fantastic place.

Nerja Málaga


What to see in Frigiliana

Frigiliana is just as beautiful as Nerja, some people even consider it to be even more beautiful. The favourable climate that we have said that Nerja has, also has Frigiliana, so it is also ideal to visit.

This village is in the Axarquia region in the foothills of the Sierra de Almijara, 7 km from Nerja (so it is ideal to visit both places if you are a tourist) and about 45 minutes from Malaga city.

Below you will see all the places to see in Frigiliana and you will really enjoy this amazing village.


Moorish quarter

This neighbourhood is one of the most beautiful places in the village (although anywhere is the most beautiful really). It’s a Mudejar quarter, and is a magnificent example of popular architecture in which the whitewashed houses contrast with the blue of the sky, making a picture full of charm that you’ll want to stop and take a photo of. Some of the façades are decorated with tiles commemorating the battles between Moors and Christians. Our recommendation is that you get lost in its streets and experience a sensation that is very difficult for us to describe.

If you venture out, you can reach the viewpoint, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the plain and the sea. Who wouldn’t want to take a selfie in these streets and be the envy of the whole world?

Barrio Morisco Málaga


Santo Cristo Viewpoint

If we talk about what to see in Frigiliana, we cannot overlook this viewpoint. One of the best views you can get is to be found here, and it’s certainly something you can’t miss. Climb up and relax looking at the fantastic views that this place gives you.

We recommend that you buy a drink and a snack before you go up to enjoy the fantastic views, as there are chairs at the lookout point where you can sit down.

Mirador Málaga


Casa del Apero

The Casa del Apero is one of the most popular buildings in Frigiliana. Its date of construction is not yet well known, although it is said to have been built in the 17th century.

This place is very cosy and is a peaceful area only a few metres from the centre of the village. The absence of noise, its perfectly ordered old white brick and stone walls and the marvellous views from its terraces are all it needs to attract you to visit it.

It houses the Tourist Office, which is perfect for those who want to visit Frigiliana, a library and the Archaeological Museum, which is currently dedicated as a thematic room to the artefacts that were collected during the excavation of the Cerrillo or Cortijo de las Sombras. This collection is of great historical and archaeological interest, and is of international importance due to its uniqueness and its good state of conservation.

Casa del Apero Málaga


What to do in Frigiliana

In this village you can do a multitude of activities that will not leave you indifferent. Most of them have to do with enjoying the views and experiencing sensations, so for the tourist looking for something new it will be the perfect place.


3 Cultures Festival

This festival is something you’ll only be able to do in the last week of August, however it’s something we strongly recommend. It lasts around three or four days and there are lots of activities and concerts.

The best part of the festival is probably the market of the three cultures (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) where you can buy a lot of products from the province of Malaga. Here you will see a lot of people and you can see how lively this village is and how good the atmosphere is.

But the festival is not only the market, although around it we will see theatre groups doing street performances, nightly fire shows, workshops, craftsmen… that is, a lot of activity moves around it.

At night this space will be transformed into a place where music will be played.

In short, the Frigiliana 3 Cultures Festival offers tourists a festive and fun offer that you won’t see anywhere else.

Festival 3 Culturas Málaga


Exploring nature

Frigiliana is an ideal place for hiking the peaks of the Sierra Tejeda and exploring the surrounding area of the Sierra Tejada Almijara natural park. These are an example of the incredible geological diversity of the area, as well as the beauty of the area, offering a breathtaking panoramic view.

This area offers an incredible view of the Mediterranean coastline and the great variety of mountains that surround it, stretching up to 2,065 metres above sea level.

One thing to bear in mind is that regardless of the season or time of day, it is essential for anyone hiking in this area to bring a bottle or two of water with them, as there are no natural springs to drink from along the way.

Parque Natural Sierra de Tejeda Málaga


Curiosities of Frigiliana

Frigiliana has quite a few interesting curiosities and we are sure that you do not know them. One of them and one that we consider very important is that it is a village that has been able to adapt to tourism and is kept clean and authentic. This is essential, as tourism often does the opposite.

Did you know that this village does not have any monument that stands out in particular? Then you may wonder how this village is popular, because the answer lies in the tourists themselves. Tourists discover the village little by little and find their favourite spots, which they then tell their acquaintances about. The best way to visit this village is to discover it for yourself.

Another curiosity is the large number of real estate agencies, due to the large number of foreigners who are buying houses to live there and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this village.

The last curiosity is about the flowers that this village has. The walls of Frigiliana are overflowing with flowers all year round, so if you go in May, everything will be full of flowers and even more beautiful than it normally is.

We encourage you to discover Frigiliana for yourself and the possible curiosities you will find in this beautiful place.

Frigiliana Málaga


Where to eat in Frigiliana

Frigiliana has a large number of bars and restaurants so that people who love gastronomy feel comfortable and are eating quality food. As mentioned above, we will recommend restaurants that mainly serve local cuisine.

One tavern you should visit during your stay in Frigiliana is the Taberna del Sacristán. It specialises in local food such as aubergines with honey, kid in almond sauce or migas (fried breadcrumbs). It is excellent value for money and you will enjoy delicious delicacies.

Another place not to be missed, especially if you like fresh fish, is Las Chinas. Here the food is delicious and very well priced, it also has a terrace and disabled access.

The last restaurant we are going to recommend is El Acebuchal. It’s a bit of a hidden restaurant, so we recommend using your GPS to find it, you won’t regret it. It is quaint and fantastic, with delicious local food and bread that is practically a work of art. There’s food of all kinds and it’s pretty good value.

Berenjenas con Miel Málaga


How to get to Frigiliana

Getting to Frigiliana is not as straightforward as Nerja, but you have several options for getting there. Below you will discover in brief how to get to Frigiliana from all possible ways.

It is difficult to get to Frigiliana in the mid-season and winter months as there is no direct bus from Malaga. However, in the summer months (July to August) there are ways to get to Frigiliana from Malaga by bus. These are as follows:

  1. First you must take a bus in the direction of Nerja.
  2. Once you arrive in Nerja you can take a direct bus to Frigiliana for only 1€.
  3. Another option is to take a taxi from Nerja directly to Frigiliana. The cost of this journey is around 12€ – 15€.

An easy and comfortable option is to go by car or taxi, you arrive quickly and comfortably. You can’t go directly by train, so the most recommended options are the latter.

Frigiliana Málaga


Did you like Nerja and Frigiliana? Do you want to continue seeing places in Malaga and have incredible experiences like these? Well, with our guided tours you can do it.

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