Where to eat near Medina Azahara

Surely everyone has heard of the Cordovan site of Medina Azahara, especially if you are interested in the Hispano-Muslim legacy of  Cordoba and Al-Andalus. Despite being one of the wonders of the whole province, it does not offer inside an extensive menu. In this article we will inform you about the 5 best restaurants near Medina Azahara, so you can enjoy a good meal near the archaeological site. Find out more at OWAY Tours.

Los Almendros Restaurant

This restaurant is located 2km from the archaeological site, making it one of the closest of the other restaurants to Medina Azahara. They specialise in Spanish, Mediterranean food and have a price range of 15€-35€. The location of this restaurant is unbeatable, as it is in the heart of the mountains and only about 5 minutes from the capital of Cordoba. If you visit the place and don’t know exactly what to order or what the specialities are, we recommend you order the venison and the black rice croquettes.
Its exact location is in Trasierra, 14011 (Cordoba Spain).
And its current opening hours are open all week (except for Mondays) from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Restaurant terrace

Salones Azahara

This restaurant and event hall is only 1,8km away from the monument of Medina Azahara. This place is ideal if you want to hold an event and on top of that your guests will leave with a more than happy stomach.
The complex building is made up of a separation of 5 rooms, in these rooms you can celebrate any type of event, from weddings, congresses, communions, baptisms, business lunches…
The interior of the whole place is decorated with a taste and simplicity that attracts all audiences. This together with how close it is to the site, the good treatment, the low prices offered, and most importantly, its quality cuisine. You can find a wide variety of vegetables, rice dishes, meat and fish prepared with seasonal products.

In order to visit Medina Azahara, the best way is to know its history accompanied by a guide, so do not hesitate any longer and book with us a guided tour of the archaeological site.

When it comes to making a reservation, the restaurant itself advises you to choose the famous round menu, where everything  is prepared with the smallest detail that is required.
They have desserts and special menus for diabetics, coeliacs or any special needs that any of the attendees may require. They also prepare fun and healthy menus for children.
It is located in Palma del Río Road, 14005.

Outside of the restaurant

Kalmachicha Natural Street Food

Let’s go a little bit out of the typical and classic restaurants, and we are going to tell you about this American food place. Kalmachicha is surrounded by a beautiful woodland setting, which makes the place full of charm, and it is not a restaurant per se, but a food stall in the form of a van from the eighties. But the best it has to offer is not its surroundings, but its unique menu, with burgers in every colour and flavour imaginable (everyone recommends that you can’t leave without trying the beef burger or the Guinness burger).

On the other hand, you can also find a variety of special American beers. Great value for money throughout the menu.
Located in the middle of the Sierra too, about 1’8km from Medina Azahara (Trasierra crossroads, 14013).

Where to eat near Medina Azahara

El Portón Grill

Although it is located the furthest (5 km away) from the monument, it is undoubtedly one of the most recommended places to have a good lunch and continue the day with strength.
It is time for a recommendation for grilled food lovers, as they specialise in grilled dishes (especially recommended is the grilled salmon). The attention and the magnificent treatment they give to their customers, always recommending what they can choose to taste, are outstanding.

The quality-price ratio is also another point in favour of this restaurant, to the point of being considered one of the best restaurants to order a meat dish in Cordoba. They also include in their menu a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes (such as grilled green asparagus).
Other dishes to recommend for your enjoyment are: empanadillas criollas, autumn salad and the Cantabrian pinta beef sirloin.
Its location is at: Avenida Isla Fuerteventura s/n, Córdoba Esquina Isla Alegranza, 14011 Córdoba Spain.
And the opening hours are: Monday to Sunday (11:00 am to 00:00 pm).

Where to eat near Medina Azahara


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