Horse carriage ride in Malaga

Malaga is one of the most visited cities by tourists. Every year the streets of Malaga are filled with tourists who visit the city. Malaga has many traditions. Not all there is in Malaga is beach and beach bar, but it has an incredible historical center.

One of the ways in which you can visit Malaga is walking or by tourist bus, but also stands out a different and fun way which is to visit Malaga by horse carriage. This is an unrepeatable and unique experience, in which you will never regret.

Enjoy the city of Malaga, with friends or family in a different way. These routes will make you feel like in another era. It is one of the most pleasant and relaxing ways to enjoy the incredible sights and sounds of Malaga.

Riding in a horse-drawn carriage is a quiet ride, accompanied by the breeze on a hot day, and it is also a very fun activity. Not only that, but the driver will be giving explanations while you observe the monuments.

If you are looking for a romantic date with your partner before lunch or dinner, this is one of the options you can’t miss, you will love it.

Where can you take a horse-drawn carriage in Malaga?

If you are looking for where to catch a horse-drawn carriage, the stops are as follows:

  • Alameda (at the height of La Equitativa building)
  • Square of the Marina
  • Promenade of the Parque
  • Cathedral (Molina Lario Street)
  • Avenida de Cervantes (at the height of the Gardener’s House)

Where can you take a horse-drawn carriage in Malaga?

Prices for horse-drawn carriage rides in Malaga

The price of the horse carriage ride in Malaga is between 40 and 43 €. This price includes the driver and the time of the route is usually 45 minutes. The price does not include food and drink, and if you want additional time you can tell the driver with an extra amount. This service maintains its prices fixed in all seasons of the year.

In each car there is a maximum capacity of 5 people including the driver. If you wish to book this service, click on the following link: https://www.malagatrips.com/es/reservas/0085-paseo-coche-de-caballos-malaga?date_input=1633039200#calendar

Horseback riding tour in Malaga

This tour lasts 45 minutes and passes through various places and streets, such as the Paseo de la Farola, Paseo del Parque, Plaza Torrijos, the promenade Ciudad de Melilla. In addition, it also runs along Canovas del Castillo Street, the Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta, the Paseo de los Curas, or the Plaza de la Merced.

It does not only pass through the sites mentioned above! You will also enjoy the Paseo de Reding, the spectacular Alcazaba, the Alcazabilla street, the incredible Roman theater, and the popular Cathedral of Malaga.

Horseback riding tour in Malaga

Main advantages of a horse-drawn carriage ride in Malaga

Riding a horse-drawn carriage through the city of Malaga has several advantages. One of them is to see the city in a different way, in which you can go relaxed and enjoying the city. In addition, you can go eating or drinking.

Another advantage is that it is a unique and unrepeatable experience to enjoy with friends, family or partner and to do something different from what you usually do when you visit a city. In addition, you will be able to observe the charm of the city of Malaga in a different way.

The ride will make you feel like in another era and will make you enjoy the Malaga breeze on hot days. Also, you will enjoy the explanations given by the driver of the carriage.

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